How To Make 2020 Your Data Center's Best Sales Year Ever
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How To Make 2020 Your Data Center’s Best Sales Year Ever

It’s hard to imagine a company starting with any other goal than making the upcoming year their best. “Let’s make this our best sales year to date.”

For such a simple goal, creating a roadmap to get there is incredibly complex. You can try any number of things to get there. You can restructure your bonus system for your sales staff. You can change your price, vamp up your marketing, or hire a new sales director.

However, sometimes a seemingly minor change can have a massive impact. For example, today, we will explore how adding the right software can impact nearly every part of your sales process and make 2020 your best year ever.

Improve Your Quoting Process

One of the main reasons that data centers will switch to new software is finding their sales team is spending too much time preparing and sending detailed quotes.

What if you could send better quotes in less time? What would it mean for your business if you could dramatically increase sales efficiency with quoting tools this year? Implementing smarter software empowers your sales team to spend less time quoting and spend more time selling.

Give your sales representatives the ability to quickly search all of your company’s facilities and filter those searches based on specs and available service providers. More importantly, please give them the ability to take all of this information and create (or revise) detailed quotes for hot leads in a matter of seconds.

Improve Your Onboarding Process

You can arm yourself with a staff of the best onboarding employees, provide the highest level of support, and create the most comprehensive list of supporting materials. However, all of these things will be undermined and wasted if you quite simply don’t have a good fit with the client.

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Maybe your sales team was too aggressive in pursuing this company without really understanding their needs or where they fall in your target audience. Or perhaps the client was in a rush to find a provider, so they weren’t even really that aware of their needs.

In either case, the right software for your sales team can help you better qualify your sales leads and ensure that nobody’s time is being wasted.

Improve Your Channel Management

It doesn’t matter what sector you are selling in; today’s channel manager needs maximum visibility into all channels and performance metrics.

This is how they make your offering as easy as possible to buy while helping the sales team approach only the most qualified leads.

The rate software solution gives your channel managers a clear line of sight into all of the data and metrics they need. They can now make the right high-level strategic decisions to help frontline salespeople do their job better.

A sales tool is only helpful if it leads to more sales. It needs to give high-level sales leaders the information they need to make more informed decisions while providing ground-level sales staff the ability to qualify a potential lead, quickly send them a sales quota, and shorten the sales process as much as possible.

Choosing the right tool today can help your entire team for 2020 and well beyond!

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How To Make 2020 Your Data Center’s Best Sales Year Ever

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