How to Leverage the Benefits of SEO and PPC Collectively

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The last decade has witnessed many transformations; the digital transformation is one of them. The evolution of technology and shift marketing has witnessed resulted in breathtaking competition on the digital platform. As there were many strategies for the offline, on-ground tactics and methods to scale up your business and increase the awareness of your product, similar marketing strategies are developed over time for the digital platform.

In the modern scenario, websites or apps are the first media for branding your product. This online presence of your product or business comes under the umbrella term of Internet Marketing.

We will discuss the two terms under the broader heading of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which has a primary motive for increasing the web page’s ranking in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It is mainly done through two methodologies; the first method is organic search through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and the second one is the paid one or Pay Per Click (PPC) listing. It is said by Google for PPC that:

“Businesses on average generate an income of $2 for every $1 spend on Google Ads.”

So, the online marketing trends that we are going to discuss are variable and keep on changing. In terms of ranking a website high on the SERPs, both the strategies, namely SEO and PPC, are equally effective. At the same time, some of the businesses prefer SEO or the organic search strategy; on the other hand, other people prefer PPC, and also there exists a set of marketers who prefer both.

For those of you, who might be thinking about the effect one strategy can have on others when we implement both of them simultaneously, then the answer is “NO.” Both strategies do not affect site ranking when implemented altogether.

Before proceeding further to leveraging benefits of SEO and SEM, let’s discuss the differences between the two:

SEO and PPC: Differences & Similarities

Possibly you would have come across these terms over a period. Both of them fulfill the same goal of boosting the ranking of the webpage through Search Engine Marketing.

Whenever we go through a website, the content it has comprises various keywords. Those keywords constitute the ranking of the page. This technique is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Simultaneously, you would have come across some search results with an “Ad” symbol attached to them. This means that this result, either on top or at the bottom, is placed by Google, and you have to pay every time a user clicks on that.

While we have already discussed that both the techniques are separate and no one has an impact on the other, at the same time, one strategy can bring traction and work well for one user and the other one for a different user. But an ultimate strategy would be following a holistic approach that is taking both the strategies shoulder to shoulder and maximizing the benefits for your business.

We provide you with the following proven benefits of taking SEO and PPC collectively:

It will magnify your Presence.

Most of the time, the search engine results page or SERPs present the PPC Ads first and then align those organic search results. So, if we combine SEO and PPC altogether, they will enhance your webpage ranking, which in turn will help you gain traffic from your business vertical. Once your webpage is in front of an audience that shows interest in your product, it won’t take time for them to convert from visitors to leads and finally to customers.

Takeaway’s from your PPC experience.

As once you have implemented the PPC strategy for your website, it will start to generate traffic. From those various aspects of your website, you have implemented various statistics and parameters such as content and keywords. Once you have gone through all those terminologies, notice the differences and implement them in your organic webpage.

Unfold the new Keywords

Keywords play an important role in scaling up your webpage; as we have already discussed the analysis in the last point, thoroughly analyze the keywords with a higher ranking. Use those keywords in your organic search strategy, and integrating both organic and paid keywords means a wide variety of enriched keywords.

Strategically tackle Social Media.

As we are familiar with the presence of users over various social networking sites. And those social media platforms tend to deliver the results as per the user’s interest and demography. PPC gives you ways to know the interest in your product, and through that, you can pull out traffic onto your organic search or SEO. As the user gets familiar with your product, it becomes easy for you to gain traction later. According to HubSpot, 65% of the B2B companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn paid ads.


So far, we have discussed various benefits and ways to build traction over your webpage. Following both the strategies will surely leverage your business in one or the other vertical. If you are still unable to decide or going through Search Engine Marketing issues and struggling to mark your presence on this digital platform, then our top PPC consultation will help you achieve the desired result.

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How to Leverage the Benefits of SEO and PPC Collectively

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