How to Leverage Ranking Websites for Referral Traffic

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How to Leverage Ranking Websites for Referral Traffic

Businesses always want to obtain more traffic to their websites. Acquiring traffic has become extremely important for businesses in the digital age because research shows nearly 70 percent of consumers start their purchasing journeys online.

It’s why businesses often partner with digital marketing agencies to help them achieve their marketing goals and objectives with SEO efforts, PPC campaigns, and social media marketing.

However, other ways exist to obtain traffic. For example, referral traffic is often overlooked, but it’s an effective way to acquire qualified leads. In addition, referral traffic is also beneficial because it assists with SEO.

If your agency wants to utilize referral traffic to help clients achieve their marketing goals and objectives, consider partnering with a white-label digital marketing agency like Rocket Driver.

How to Leverage Ranking Websites for Referral Traffic

What is referral traffic?

Referral traffic refers to when people visit a website from other websites. These people aren’t redirected to the website by search engines. Instead, they click on links posted on another high-ranking website or a social media network. These links then redirect them to your website. Google considers such visitors’ referral traffic.

In short, one domain refers visitors to another domain. Hence, the name.

Google Analytics is a helpful tool for tracking referral traffic. In addition, it can also help your agency track other important metrics, including search traffic, direct domain traffic, and search engine visits. You can also partner with Rocket Driver and use their white-label agency tools for better metrics.

Why does referral traffic matter?

Referral traffic is important in the digital marketing landscape for several reasons. Firstly, it’s another way to get traffic to a website since it isn’t reliant on SEO, PPC, or social media marketing. In addition, referral traffic is also important because it redirects interested and qualified leads to your website from high-ranking domains. Converting such qualified leads is usually easier.

Referral traffic also allows you to tap into newer and more diverse audiences. These users originate from another high-ranking website that they might frequent. However, they’ve now been exposed to your website. It means they might visit it again in the future.

Referral traffic also helps with SEO because search engines view inbound links as favorable ranking factors, especially since they originate from trusted sources.

How are referrals tracked?

Referrals are tracked through the user’s browser. The browser will send a request to your server once the user clicks on a link to your website. This request will also include information about the last website the user visited and where they found the link to your website. Google Analytics captures and saves this data. Then, it reports the data as a referral domain in source reports.

You can also use Google Analytics to track backlinks on websites. It’s important to remember that referral traffic originates from these backlinks, helping websites rank higher in SERPs.

While referral traffic is important, most marketers struggle to obtain it. However, the right strategies and approaches can help increase referral traffic to your client’s website.

List the Website on Online Directories

There used to be a time when Yellow Pages were widespread. Businesses would pay thousands of dollars to be listed on these pages because it would help them get customers. Even if they didn’t get customers, these pages would help them get more business visibility.

Yellow Pages are a thing of the past today. Instead, online, that doesn’t mean directories don’t exist. Instead, online directories have replaced them. Listing your client’s website on these online directories can help them acquire more customers. It’s particularly beneficial for businesses seeking local customers. Websites like Yelp are crucial because they appear on Google’s first page of results, meaning your client’s website will acquire significant traffic from these sites.

Focus on Review Websites

Another excellent way to obtain referral traffic is by getting featured on review websites. Getting featured on these websites is also beneficial because it allows your client to target customers during the latter stages of their purchasing journeys. Customers usually have passed the awareness and consideration stage when visiting review websites. As a result, they’re further along their purchasing journeys because they’re comparing different products,  services, or businesses as potential solutions to their existing problem.

Leverage Guest Blogs

Writing guest blogs can be considered part of a content marketing strategy. However, guest blogs are also an excellent way to generate referral traffic to a website. Ideally, you’ll want to post guest blogs to authoritative websites with high domain authority and traffic. Such websites are the industry gold standard, meaning readers recognize them as thought leaders.

A guest blog on such a website will put your content in front of a broader audience. In addition, it’ll expose your client’s website to new readers, meaning they might get new leads.

It’s important to ensure your guest blogs have the right tone and content for the website. In addition, utilize call-to-actions, author bios, and external links in the guest blogs to get more referral traffic.

Creating compelling content for guest blogs can be challenging. If your agency doesn’t have the resources to create engaging content, consider getting white-label content and copywriting services from Rocket Driver.

Get Started with Rocket Driver

Referral traffic is crucial for businesses looking to increase leads and revenue. It’s a surefire way to obtain qualified leads while also benefiting SEO. Partnering with a white-label industry leader like Rocket Driver can help your agency obtain more client traffic.

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