How to Leverage Contactless Payments in Your Business

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How to Leverage Contactless Payments in Your Business

If you are running a business amid this health crisis, you will need to provide customers with an easier and safer way to pay for products and services. Small businesses have adopted contactless payment systems since last year, so you might want to get into it as well.

However, it’s not just a trend that you will want to follow. Considering the advantages it brings along customer security and health, contactless payments allow you to build trust and bring your business into a future where smart cards and digital wallets are the norms. To make the most of contactless payments for your business, here are a few ideas you might want to try out:

Encourage digital wallets

A digital wallet is an online service that lets you convert real cash into digital currency. Customers can load the digital wallets with funds that they can use to make purchases. The best advantage they can get from using a digital wallet is speed. Your customers won’t have to enter credit card information during checkout. Instead, they need to select their digital wallet and use the balance to pay for their purchase. Not only is this fast, but it also eliminates the need to key in credit card numbers and other sensitive information for hackers to obtain.  

Use credit card scanning technology.

Another way you can make contactless payments easier is through the use of a credit card scanner. Using an app, customers can scan their credit cards, so your payment system captures their details. This bypasses the need to type in credit card numbers and security codes. If you are looking for a card scanning tool to use for online and even in-person transactions, look for one that works well on various card types and prevents customers from being stored anywhere. 

Consider QR codes

QR codes are popular at the moment. Like other contactless payment methods, payments through QR codes provide just as much convenience for consumers. What makes this method different from the rest is that it doesn’t involve storing sensitive information. Instead, using a smartphone app linked to a payment card, customers can scan a QR code with their cameras and enter the amount they will pay. There is no exchange of information involved throughout the process, so QR codes allow for a more secure way to send and accept payments. 

Accommodate wearable technology

Smartwatches and smart glasses are best used for fitness and productivity purposes, but they can also come in handy when processing transactions. Recently, however, manufacturers of wearable technology are adding such functions to their products. Such technology has yet to come full circle, but several manufacturers are exploring how wearables can be used to make purchases and verify customer identities. It’s a concept that’s still being developed, but it’s one that business owners and consumers should look forward to. 

Contactless payments are the future of commerce. So it’s only best for business owners like yourself to embrace this emerging trend and how it will change the landscape forever. 

How to Leverage Contactless Payments in Your Business