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How to Increase Sales & Traffic on Your Online Store

Building the ecommerce store is actually the easy part. You could choose from a number of options from free to paid ecommerce platforms. The hard part starts when the store is live and ready for business. The real challenge at this stage is increasing traffic at the store and then converting the traffic into revenue.

Whether an online store is 2 days old or an industry veteran, it needs a solid marketing strategy in order to acquire the required volume of traffic and sales. Every web store has a different strategy that works the best for ut, there are some rules of ecommerce store marketing that are pretty much universal.

Here are some common tactics that should be a part of every store’s marketing strategy. Remember that you need to fit these points to your store’s USP and audience requirements.

How to Increase Sales & Traffic on Your Online Store

Social Media Strategy

You are wondering what’s new in this advice that is always a part of the ecommerce store marketing. The thing is, it’s not entirely important what you do, it’s all about how you use.

Social media is evolving every day, and with 360-degree photos, extended character limit at Twitter, different filters for Snapchat, WhatsApp stories, and Instagram live, social media is rapidly becoming very different from when it started.

Your store should have a separate strategy for each social media platform since every platform has different requirements and impact on your store’s traffic and sales. In order to increase the traffic, develop and post engaging content, and your target audience will translate into traffic on the store.

Be The Talk Of The Town

Building a brand is one of the most difficult tasks because of several challenges of managing the brand’s presence. A time-honored way of creating a buzz about your online store is blogging.

Many store owners ignore social media channels that do not appear to be immediately relevant to ecommerce. These include Quora, Reddit, and Medium, three channels that could bring high quality and targeted traffic to your online store. Another great way of making your web store popular is collaborating with the influencers and celebrities.

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most opted-for channels of getting your brand in front of your target audience. A strong online presence and voice of your brand will bring in more traffic and increase chances of converting the traffic into sales.

Freeway Is The Fastest

Who wants to get a freebie? The answer is everyone. The cost of the freebie doesn’t really matter. The little gesture of generosity is the main reason why giveaways are the hottest trend in the ecommerce industry.

Distributing giveaways via contests and other marketing campaigns is a great way of achieving high engagement and good word-of-mouth publicity. This practice directly increases traffic on your store, and their ecommerce website.

Brand endorsement has also taken a new form and now celebrities recommend brands in new and innovative ways. You would simply send a freebie to a celebrity who will then post a review on their social media accounts. This is an indirect way of endorsing a brand and it rakes in huge sales as people like to buy what their favorite celebs love to shop.

Content, Ad Copy and Advertising

First and foremost, your content should be engaging. Content is the king and it will hold the throne in the coming decade. Everything that you will use to increase your store’s traffic is dependent upon content, and it should be of the best quality in order to go viral.

Advertising is a great way of building of building and reinforcing the brand image of your store. Ad copies should be creatively written with product USPs clearly defined. Make sure that the ad copies are catchy and should induce/motivate the viewers to shop at your store.

Another great way of increasing traffic and revenues of your ecommerce store is paid advertising at social media platforms. Paid advertising not only brings in an easy-to-convert audience but if done right, it can make your brand be the superstar of the ecommerce industry.

SEO – The Traffic Driving Engine

If your store isn’t on Google’s first page, it is very likely to get ignored by the online shoppers. SEO is one of the keys to unlocking traffic for your ecommerce store. A website is measured by the number of backlinks that eventually helps store get higher placement in SERP.

A common SEO tactic is using trending keywords that make your website prominent in the online search results. However, be very careful in choosing and placing keywords in your content. Overdoing the keyword game could have serious negative impact on our store.  

Forum commenting is another common SEO technique of improving the traffic on the store. Again, you have to be careful in choosing the forums and topics as not every forum carry the right topic for promoting your store.

The Final Words

The techniques discussed above are often included in many articles on store traffic improvement. However, using the tips mentioned above will offer a fresh perspective that will help you drive traffic to your store and increase the revenue as a result of increased traffic.

All you need to do is to have patience as every tactic needs time in order to show results. Well, if you have suggestions for this article, feel free to comment below.

Author Bio: Sajjad is an Ecommerce Community Expert at Cloudways. He loves helping out Ecommerce store owners, merchants and marketers in establishing their businesses and startups. Catch him on twitter @i_sajjadshahid

How to Increase Sales & Traffic on Your Online Store

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