Every business seeks to increase sales and make more money. However, not all businesses know tactics that work in bringing in high-value leads and converting them. In this blog, we’ll discuss ten secret techniques that can help you increase sales to achieve long-term business goals. 

Let’s get into it without any delay.

10 Best Practices to Increase Sales

1. Involve in referral marketing

Since time immemorial, referral marketing has been one of the most efficient techniques employed by successful businesses. It involves encouraging your existing customers to spread the word about your brand and its offerings, thereby increasing sales. This is effective because people find such recommendations authentic and tend to trust a brand.

Establish a formal referral program and spread awareness about it among your customers. You need to incentivize them with something they value to get them to refer you around. A referral program software like InviteReferrals can help you easily create and launch referral campaigns. Using it, you can automate your campaigns’ management and performance analysis.  

2. Monitor your competitors

A secret technique that can indirectly help increase sales is monitoring your competitors. It would be best to track your competitors using market research tools to know their offerings and evaluate how you can set yourself apart. You can ensure higher product/service quality, set competitive pricing, offer higher value, and provide better customer service.

All these will help you get noticed. Further, when you monitor them continually, you’ll also get to know them when they introduce new products, make price modifications, employ more appealing marketing techniques, get active on different marketing channels, and more. This way, you can always learn from their mistakes and keep abreast of current trends. And all this can contribute to increased sales and higher revenue.   

3. Focus on existing customers

Focus on existing customers
Focus on existing customers

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Your existing customers are great sources of increasing revenue. Below given are some ideas to help you sell more to them.

    • Widen your product range: When you offer more product lines that your customers need, they will buy more from you. So, expand your product range by including products that customers will have to use along with your current products/services.
    • Upsell: Upselling is nothing but motivating a customer to purchase a costlier version of the product they seek to purchase. So, display costlier related items and content, showing its superiority over the lesser-priced choices.
    • Cross-sell: Cross-selling means prompting customers to buy items that are related or supplementary to the products they’ve bought from you. 
    • Bundle up: Offering bundled products or services will encourage customers to buy more to save money by procuring multiple items. 
    • Discounts: You can also increase sales with special discounts. Customers will be influenced to buy more by taking advantage of the offer.  

4. Target former customers

Your former customers are priceless to you, for they are already acquainted with your brand and its products or services. They’ve most likely developed an image of your brand and the extent to which your offerings can satisfy their needs. They’ve quit buying from you owing to some reasons. 

So, first, find out why they have stopped purchasing from you. It may be a bad experience, increased pricing, or something else. Then, take responsibility and fix those issues. If your previous offer was unacceptable to the customers, try to make it more profitable. These are some ways in which you can win back your previous customers. 

5. Expand your geographic boundary

You can increase your business’ geographical reach by being a little innovative and using today’s technological advancements. If you can afford it, open new outlets at different prime locations. Even otherwise, you can widen your geographic boundary by offering to deliver your products and services to an increased distance. 

Yet another technique is to advertise your offerings in other locations as well. You may also consider collaborating with other brands and partnering with influencers. These work in widening your reach because of the popular belief that if a brand is trending, it must be good. While implementing any of these techniques, do it incrementally to facilitate manageability. 

6. Ask for user-generated content

Ask for user-generated content
Ask for user-generated content

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When people see content like ratings, reviews, testimonials, images, videos, etc., posted by your customers, they tend to trust your brand. These act as social proof and boost your credibility in their view. Using UGC also represents that your brand is open to conversations. Besides, it allows your loyal customers to participate in your brand’s growth. 

So, encourage your customers to post more UGC by asking for it at the right time. After a happy transaction with your brand, people will be excited to share their reviews, ratings, testimonials, etc. So, ask immediately after a product has been delivered to them, soon after rendering your customer support, etc. 

7. Focus on selling the benefit

Often, brands focus more on selling the product rather than its benefits. However, the former makes you appear pushy and turns them off. And the latter makes you look genuine, reminds them of the value your offering provides, and helps make sales. 

People need to know that they’re facing an issue in their daily lives and that your product/service is an ideal solution. So, project a “helping” attitude rather than a “selling mentality.” Invest time and resources into learning the needs, fears, concerns, and challenges your customers face in your niche. This will help you develop a good sales message that doesn’t appear salesy.  

8. Content market through multiple channels

Today, you can market effectively without moving anywhere from your desk- thanks to all the digital advancements! So instead, market your brand through social media networks, email, push notifications, and more. This way, you’ll catch your audience right where they are. But make sure you’re targeting them with the content they’ll be interested in.

Consistently post reliable and relevant information across the channels you choose. Such content marketing would increase sales by spreading awareness about your brand and establishing you as a thought leader in your niche. This also would lower the need for paid advertising, thus saving you a significant amount of money.  

9. Actively promote your products

While every business would love to promote their products to increase sales actively, they don’t do so often due to a shortage of ideas. So,  here are some of those.

    • Offer free samples: Everyone likes freebies. So, it’s one of the best ways to increase sales easily, for this introduces consumers to products they wouldn’t have considered using. 
    • Buy one get one free promotion: Run buy one get one free offer on in-demand products for a limited time. This works in increasing sales by creating urgency.
    • Cashback promotions: This is effective because it gives customers the feeling that they’re getting better value on their purchases. 
    • Lifestyle discounts are offered to people in a particular demographic, profession, or age group—for instance, a 20% discount on stationaries for students. You can run such promotions year-round. And this gives your brand a competitive advantage as it would attract that specific group to your brand. 

10. Provide sales training to your staff

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Not all sales and marketing personnel are good at selling. Only some know how to find common growth with customers, connect with them, comprehend their preferences, and convince them to buy their product. Sales training experts in the field can help attendees learn these skills. 

So, get in touch with a reputed sales training provider to arrange training sessions for your staff. This would be one of your best investments rather than an expense. A well-trained sales team can outsell your competitors. Besides, having high-caliber staff can go a long way in boosting customer experience, brand loyalty, and business growth.

That’s all, folks!

So, here ends our list of secret techniques to increase sales. Please use some of these and let us know how you fared. All the very best in your endeavors!

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