How to Increase Conversions with Easy Multi-Step Popups

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You may have massive traffic on your site. But that’s not a guarantee that they will take action. But do you know there are spirited campaigns you can use to raise your websites or blog conversion rate?

Multi-step popups are one of the best ways to apply on your site and increase its conversion rate. Every visitor who comes to your site has an interest in your brand. But will require you some extra effort to convert them into reals customers. Why don’t you take advantage of multi-step popups and let them do that extra job for you?

Create multi-step popups 

While you can use two methods and follow a few simple steps to have multi-step popups in your blog or website, this article will focus on MonsterLinks. That way, you will raise their conversion rates.

Use of MonsterLinks™

It’s a long but straightforward method to help your fix multi-steps popups to your site. It has a link you can add to any button or text. Once your potential customers click on the link, the popup campaign appears. MonsterLinks works effectively on your site since it creates curiosity for your visitors to know more about what the link has.

Use the steps below and create multi-steps popups on your website.

1. Create your popup

Log in to your OptinMonster dashboard. Proceed and click on create a new campaign. It’s at the top right-hand corner.

Choose your campaign type. In this case, its popup.

Have you done that? Pick a template of your choice.

Ensure to filter your template. But keep in mind the goal of your multi-steps popups campaign. Check the photo below and see where to filter.

Below is a photo of possible goals you can choose for your multi-step popups.

The good thing about filtering is you can pick a template that works best for your custom campaign goal.

Your next step is to pick your preferred name for the popup campaign. With the name, you can click and begin building.

2.Design you popup

Your template will create inside your OptinMonster editor. But you can modify any section of your multi-step popup campaign in the editor. Just start by clicking the blocks for easy modification. Once you click any block, it will pull up editing tools. They will appear on your left-hand side. Use them to design your multi-step popups. You can refer to the image below.

Want an extra block? Simple. Click on Add new block as directed below.

If you are interested to see the block options you can pick? Scroll down in your left-hand side menu. You can select them and add them to your multi-step popups with ease.

Customizing multi-step popups is easy due to drag and drop feature in your OptinMonster.

Always remember to customize the success page based on your campaign goal.

Since much of your campaigns grow from your email list, it’s essential to customize your success page with a thank you note.

You can move to your next step and display rules. That allows your multi-step popups to act in a way you would wish. But ensure you are satisfied with your multi-step campaign popups.

3. Add your MonsterLinks

Ensure you are on the editor’s dashboard. Can you see display rules?

Your first display rule will be about the time-on-page. But you can add more through the drop-down menu.

While stile on that page, check this Copy MonsterLink™ Code. Proceed and click on it. You will have copied it to the clipboard board. Go on and embed it in any place you wish. Are you done? Press save and go on to publish.


Multi-step popups are essential when on your site. They will help you have an increased conversion rate. Follow the above steps, and you will have multi-step conversions on your site through MonsterLink.

How to Increase Conversions with Easy Multi-Step Popups