How to hide comments on Instagram live – As a streamer and the viewer

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How to hide comments on Instagram live? As a streamer and the viewer

Instagram is one app that has passed about having one billion active users mark back in 2018. And this way, it will not show down any signs of getting slowed down.

This has about more and more businesses that might become highly active on various platforms. This way, it will also need them to manage these things in many comfortable states.

When we talk about these practices, we will go to these comments and address them. But here, you would like to be forced, and or even they can delete them. Or let us say hiding all of these abusive comments even on Instagrams in many cases. So it might be the spam or even these trolls or even having these hate and abusive speeches in languages.

Before we can tell you all about these hate comments or even hiding these comments on such kinds of Instagram, let us focus on these kinds of situations when you are trying to hide these comments.

If you have this public blog or, say, these business accounts, you will be required to keep those kinds of tracks for various social interactions and happenings around you.

Instagram is gaining popularity these days because the features used for sharing different stuff like stories or even rewatching things are being launched. This article will tell you how you can hide these comments on Instagram or even on live chats. But it is always in your hands. You can turn them off anytime. Especially during Instagram lives and streamings, you can easily turn them off. Also, you can hide them on different posts whenever you want.

Hiding comments while streaming Instagram lives

If you are streaming a live video, you can have total control over the weather and audiences. So now it’s up to you; you can have full control if you want to see your audiences’ comments on your life or not. Also, you have the choice in the different live streaming modes.

Hiding comments on your live videos

Here is a way you can prevent these viewers from letting them comment on your Instagram live.

At first, in the Instagram app, you have to start this live video when you go to the stories, and in this section, you might click on the live option.

And when this video starts, you have to click on these three dots that you might find above the comment box.

And then, you will click on the turn off comments option.

Hiding comments while watching Instagram live

It was possible to hide comments on Instagram live while watching these Instagram live stories, but this feature was disabled by Instagram later on. So now you can’t access this option. Also, you can hide these comments in case you are watching somebody else’s Instagram live session.

Hiding comments while watching these IG lives

Now, if you want to save anybody’s life, if you want to watch it at a later time, it might not be possible.

So, you can do this if you are trying to watch these live streams from even your computer.

Also, even if you don’t get a chance while watching the live videos, the time it was happening. But now you can watch it even in the story section. This way, you must have figured that if you tap on the screen, you won’t be able to remove these comments s, and this way, you can rewind the video for 15 seconds.

This is not just the first time, and when talking about this, it will not be the last time. And in this case, the chrome extension will save your day.

  • Now, if you don’t have chrome, here you might install it on your pc.
  • Now add these Instagram stories extensions that you might find on chrome.
  • Here go to the Instagram website and then log in to your account. And this way, you might reload these web pages if you have logged in to them.

In this, you will get to see this Instagram lives from all the people that you follow that might be happening in your surroundings under the live option. Also, the other live videos that also be shared under the option called the youtube-icon. You may find this at the very top called stories tray.

Now click on this, and you will find a new tab that might open.

One good thing about this might be the extensions; this way, you might watch these live videos simultaneously playing both of these audios and videos.

The Instagram live might play without using any comments; you may find them even in the new tabs that might keep you from getting distracted. Of course, these days, you may not be able to hide all of these comments from the official Instagram live app. But this method might help you do it even from a computer, which would be the right shot for you.

When this starts, in the live videos, you might get the option of hiding these comments that you may find even on the very top right hand. Select them all, and this way, your emojis will get disappears.

Concluding it

Here you have to know how you can disable these comments even on Instagram live, even if you are an observer or, let us say, content marker.

This is a lifesaver to you as you don’t have to manage these comments when watching or even streaming them. So let us say some abusive ones that are trolled or even offensive comments can be deleted automatically.

If you want to do this for various posts on Instagram, you may follow up with this guide.

In this article, we have explained all the possibilities regarding how you may hide comments on Instagram, what things you should hide or even look forward to.

How to hide comments on Instagram live – As a streamer and the viewer

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