How to Grow Your Personal Injury Firm Online

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How to Grow Your Personal Injury Firm Online

How Personal Injury Law Firms Work

Did you know that statistically, it costs law firms $935.71 per click on their website? And that’s just for the first click! With the market so heavily saturated with competition, it’s no wonder personal injury lawyers pay a premium for exposure. This doesn’t mean they are guaranteed to get the business, so focusing on getting quality clicks over quantity is essential.

One of the keys to a successful personal injury law firm is how you present yourself to the world – and that means marketing. So let’s explore a few ways law firms use digital marketing to boost their clientele satisfaction and enable a more thriving practice.

Tips for Marketing your Injury Practice:

Create an Attractive and Engaging Website
The type of clientele you attract will be linked directly to the quality of your website. People with real money to spend won’t be charmed by an old, poorly designed, and lagging website. Instead, please spend some time and money to create a slick, attractive, and engaging site where users can easily find all the information they need with minimal effort. Choose colors that match your style and market trends, and get a professional designer or consultant involved to make sure your site is fantastic. After all, it’s your first impression. Make it count!

Content Matters – Lend a Helpful Hand
While overloading your site with content will turn off most people, it’s important to offer some advice and basic help on your site to keep your potential clients interested. For example, try including a link to a case study where you came out on top, or helpful links or a FAQs page that might answer some questions right away. This might sound like a lot of work, but it isn’t! For example, as a California personal injury lawyer, you can focus on adding useful content directly related to Californian clientele.

Develop an SEO-Friendly Content Marketing Strategy
SEO, or search engine optimization, is a great way to drive traffic to your site. The higher you are on the Google rankings, the more clients you will get. Make sure your site and name appear on the first page of Google search by employing SEO strategies on your blogs and even your bios today.

Be Flexible in Your Approach
Let’s be honest; if someone is seeking a lawyer, they already have a problem that needs solving. The last thing you need to do is stress them out even more with a high-pressure sales pitch. Instead, take it easy, and take time to explain things to potential clients without pushing for an engagement. Consider working out payment plans for those without means, or if that isn’t possible, be as flexible as you can with your time to accommodate your client’s work schedule.

Be Mobile-Friendly
Mobile usage surpassed PC usage years ago, so your customers must be able to find you using their mobile phones. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, potential customers will likely move onto a different legal office with a website they can read on their screen. Also, don’t underestimate customers who might need to contact you on the go, in very stressful situations (like from a hospital or accident site), where they don’t have access to their computers.

Offer great customer service.
Personal injury law firms are there to help you on your worst day, so poor customer service is the fastest way to fail. We know you can’t be there at all hours to provide the customer service your clients expect, so many firms use a call center provider to answer basic questions and take messages in off-hours. This will make your job easier, and your potential customers will like the extra attention.

Data is King – Track, Track, Track
Data is the new oil, and you must track all visits to your site. For example, where do your customers live? What do your customers do for work? Do your customers prefer email over paper correspondence? Tracking this type of data will help you quickly target the kind of customer who traditionally seeks you out.

Growing your injury law firm might seem difficult, but most law firms follow these easy steps to growth. So make a plan today, and get the opportunity to help more clients, and watch your firm grow.

How to Grow Your Personal Injury Firm Online