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eCommerce for the pool and SPA industry: How to grow an online store?

Electronic commerce refers to the process of buying and selling goods or services on the Internet. Although the concept of e-commerce does not necessarily work with all business models or products, it can usually be divided into three categories: business (B2B), the business consumer (B2C), and a company for the government (B2G). This article and its scope will focus on B2B and B2C and their relationship with the pool and spa industry.

Why eCommerce?

The obvious benefit of an eCommerce sales strategy is customer reach/business development. When selling online, a retailer can navigate beyond their physical area and easily ship goods to new consumer areas. Another advantage is the indirect costs; are minimized (especially when products are supplied directly by manufacturers/distributors), as operating costs are much lower than alternative delivery methods via resellers. Ideally, a B2C retailer should have a physical / warehouse/factory location and an e-commerce strategy to support it.

B2B eCommerce

Keeping the site clean and simple will create a relaxing space for customers. It is essential not to overload the consumer with complex text, dark screens, and many images.

Returning to the starting point, when e-commerce is not for everyone, there are products in the pool and spa sector that are not necessarily reduced for online sales. For example, one-time shipping costs associated with size and weight (such as a heavy pool heater), product exclusivity, hazardous chemicals, etc.

An online ordering system is useful if the company offers a program to replace frequently used products, such as filters, small point-of-sale items, accessories, and maintenance chemicals. These systems save the business time and money by automatically sending them to B2B customers and providing constant business contact and monitoring.

You can also create a new pool/spa service program that can increase your profits.

E-commerce for businesses can also be integrated with a customer relationship management (CRM) program. For example, viewing customer purchase history allows a company to bid or offer digital pricing incentives to motivate customers to use a referral or bonus program. These types of strategies work well because the reports are easily accessible and digitally downloaded. In addition, the customer account can be easily restored and viewed. In the swimming pool industry, some of the biggest brands have created software initiatives to exclude their products from online purchases in hopes of supporting their physical builders and utility companies by making certain products available only online, allowing responsible professional pricing, purchasing, and installation.

B2C eCommerce

Internet shopping carts transmit information about purchases to the payment gateway; Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the provider used trusts and protects customer information from the risk of disclosure or hacking.

Internet shopping carts transmit information about purchases to the payment gateway; Therefore, it is important to ensure that the provider used trusts and protects customer information from the risk of disclosure or hacking.

Creating an online store to serve the end-user is becoming more and more necessary as the popularity of online shopping grows. According to a GE Capital Retail Bank report, 81% of shoppers1 searched the Internet for information on different companies before making a final purchase decision. Some online shoppers are just online “browsers” that will use the retailer’s general website to get product information. Still, Shopify has found that online storefronts account for over 80% of sales and more than 62 million shoppers. . simultaneously. Save twice.

Having an online store is not only beneficial for sales and customer reach outside the retailer’s physical location, but it also allows stores with pools and spas to have a store opens seven days a week. But also relatively easy to set up and manage. For small businesses, platforms like Shopify, Wix, B-Commerce, or Square can be used to manage a shop.

The design flexibility, ability to see items both upsell and cross-sell ways and Google Analytics to measure trending items and send them via e-mail marketing is fast. It is an effective way to sell and to marketing strategies that are not costly and time taking. In addition, an eCommerce platform creates a good perception of a great brand. Customers can buy items online, so it builds an excellent professional image of pool and spa retailers.


Having an online store can provide you complements the brick-and-mortar location is that match made in heaven. It has been proved that if the customer has an option to return the product to a retailer, then the customer always prefers to purchase a product from the retailer, so in the end, the retailer is attracting more customers to their store by using their sites and return option could give a better positive interaction.

How to Grow an Online Store

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