How to Get Your CBD Ads Approved on Facebook & Instagram in 2021

The positive news for all the seekers who are desperate to know about CBD ads getting approval on Facebook and Instagram is getting approved.

But like every successful work, you need a lot of time and effort to spend on it.

And like everything, you won’t get the guarantee of CBD ads getting approved.

Let me tell you one thing beforehand: Facebook is scandalous in rejecting ads that clash with their policies.

They sometimes peculiarly approve of it.

Why? Nobody knows, not even the moderators of Facebook, maybe because it is largely automated.

Instagram is no different. It is owned by Facebook as well.

The policies on both platforms have the same thing to say.

Digital advertising is not going to give up that easy on it; on social media, it remains the treasure way for CBD businesses to secure ad approvals, increasing the brand’s face.

It drives product sales, or sometimes both.

In this article, we will discuss three ways CBD brands have to get their social brand approved.

We also have the pros and cons for you to understand them better, and our suggestion at the end.


It is a substance that does not instigate any feelings or psychoactivity. CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol. It gets extracted from either hemp or marijuana plants.

1. Focus On CBD Topicals On Your Ecommerce Site

The first way is to deliver sales while ensuring that the ad fits all the stated CBD advertising policies of Facebook.

Facebook is rebellious in its way. Therefore, the platform does not always follow its own CBD advertising policies. However, it helps your CBD business grow internationally.

In many cases, advertisements for CBD topicals get rejected via Facebook bots automatically. However, now when the human moderator comes forward to look this thing up, they get the campaigns virtually approved, so it doesn’t get removed.

But still, let me remind you there is no guarantee because CBD clients have faced this many times and are still facing this issue.

By driving sales of CBD topicals alone doesn’t get you the promotion for your entire product line.

For this, your brand needs to focus exclusively on topicals.

Otherwise, it will decrease the average order value for a campaign.

Here are the process, pros, and cons for this method, that you can consider.


    • Feature your topicals on a separate e-commerce site.
    • Build focused topical ads that will drive traffic to your page and submit it for approval.
    • Request a review for manual approval if your ad, as mentioned above, is rejected by Facebook.


    • It entirely fits the Facebook policies and tries to stop the risk of getting the ad removed
    • It has driven sales with minimum risk of ad removal and has also proven that it worked pretty well for many brands.
    • As an advertiser, you can surely use the word CBD when talking about the products being advertised in topical campaigns. But, again, this happens because of not referring to ingestible CBD.


    • It narrows and decreases the average order value for the campaign and hides the full product range from audiences.
    • While segmenting, topicals require a separate e-commerce site, which necessitates web development costs.

2. Build A Compliant Landing Page

This method is the riskiest of all three.

It builds a complaint landing page for initial approval of the campaign, then sends the link from the page to your main website to drive increased sales and let people know about your brand story.

The important thing to keep checking is the Facebook bots that crawl back to your campaign pages even if approved.

If this happens, your ads will surely be off the page while you stay, and I hope your ads shouldn’t have, or maybe for a little while.

Facebook as a search engine has two simple policies for advertising rule-breaking.

They will take action by removing your ad but will not entirely remove the page you have on Instagram or Facebook.

It depends on what Facebook wants; it behaves like fickle-minded teenagers.


    • A campaign page must be created that will go with Facebook’s advertising policies; leave the CTA button, don’t do that through URL.
    • Create the complaint ads and give them to for initial approval.
    • Look for a review for manual approval if it gets rejected.
    • After getting approval, insert a click-through URL that will lead to the main website where the shoppers can buy your products.


    • It allows potential order value and then exposes the product line to the customers.
    • It will drive product sales as long the ad is on.


    • The landing page can be attacked by Facebook anytime, which will, as a result, take down the ads.
    • The risk is always there to lose your pages on Instagram and Facebook as well as the customers.
    • There is no option for optimization, and you will never know how long the approval will stay.

Focus On Campaigning

This method focuses on compliance rather than conversions.

It will help the advertisers stay away from the risks of Facebook and a long time on the page.

To use this way, the landing page is kept that way, more like informational.

There will be no opportunity to talk freely about your product; to do that, you need a brand-focused campaign.

Use social media tools.

The brand-focused campaign drives all the increased awareness that leads to product sales later in the future.


    • For future remarketing, you must create a complaint landing page containing no references to ingestible CBD products.
    • For driving traffic to your page, build brand-focused ads. Then submit it to the campaign for approval.
    • Ask for a review if it gets removed by Facebook.


    • This method fully fits the rules and regulations of Facebook. In addition, most of the time avoids the risk of having the ads removed.
    • The funnel campaign has shown that it increases brand awareness.


    • Additional remarketing requires conversions, which will surely boost up the sales cycle.
    • Keep the content informative enough.
    • The brand-focused campaigns will not show the products range as well the audiences you have brought.


Like the pros of Facebook or similar platforms help us in ways, it also has its cons that can ruin your entire plan.

Disadvantages and advantages are everywhere; you need to go through all of them if you are planning for a successful business or company.

Facebook works in its way in CBD ads; it makes decisions by itself, which can be against or in favor.

Leave a comment down below if the article has helped you clear your doubts.

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How to Get Your CBD Ads Approved on Facebook & Instagram in 2021