How to Get Noticed in the Android App Store

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A while back, nearly every Android Play store app would get lots of attention with minimal effort. All you needed was to create an idea and upload the app to Play Store. Now that there are over three million apps on the platform, businesses have to stand out. The store is saturated, and new applications can be easily lost in the crowd, irrespective of how good the product is. Here is how to get your application noticed on Play Store.

1. Have A Good ASO Plan

Like search engine optimization, app developers should also use app store optimization. The first step to launching a promising app is to use the best-performing keywords. Since Google does not elaborate its search algorithms to anybody, you have to do your homework. Go through applications that show up on search results to determine how you should tailor yours. Take the time to analyze, monitor, and iterate your keyword field and title so that you get high rankings and more downloads.

2. Don’t Be A Small Fish In A Big Pool

An excellent way to get noticed on the app store is to settle for non-competitive niches. Although an area looks “green,” you can still be among the first people to try out the topic. Several new opportunities exist; all you need is to look in the right places. Find a market gap or predict upcoming trends and rush there before other people figure it out.

3. Synchronize UX, UI, And Visual Design

Google favors apps that follow material design guidelines for the user interface. They understand that a good UI strategy ensures an interactive app experience for the user and increases its chances of getting featured on the Play Store. If you want to create a leading Android app, you should consider using top android app development software. The software will help you to create a seamless user interface and user experience. Remember to test the APK file for Android apps quality guidelines before uploading it to the store.

4. Identify A Route To Market

After settling for a niche, you will have a rough idea of who your audience is. If your application is about camping, your target market is probably survivalists and scouts. People who love adventure, and potentially the younger generation, will love your product. Once you identify your market, you can determine the best route to reach a large audience and promote your product.

5. Build Your Social Media Audience

Although engaging users on online platforms takes time, this is something you should do to keep them involved. Create a Twitter and Facebook profile and boost it to increase your following. You have to provide quality content consistently and make your audience feel like they are a part of something important. You can also leverage the benefits of Instagram to expand your community.

6. Consider Foreign Markets

Remember that most Android users are scattered across the globe. Applications that aren’t tied to a particular geographical location are known to perform extraordinarily well on Play Store. A multilingual app and attracts an engaging experience for users across different cultures ranks highly.

7. Source App Reviews From YouTube Channels And Websites

The pitching process is similar to what you would do when seeking out media reviews. It will help if you look for relevant content creators to reach out to your target audience. Since most will be blasted with hundreds of emails, your pitch should be unique. Make sure that your email and message stand out from the crowd. In case you don’t get picked, don’t give up. Press on, and eventually, they will hear you out.

8. Watch Out For Your Competition

Although this looks a bit sneaky, it is essential to know what you are competing against. What keywords are they using, and how do they structure their descriptions? Following the trends will help you create a working strategy. You can use the ASO tools to find out what your competitor is doing.

These tactics will help get your app noticed. While they might not get you thousands of downloads, they will put you on the right track. Put these tips into action, and you will realize an increase in your rankings.

How to Get Noticed in the Android App Store

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