How to Get 10 High-Ticket Clients for your Marketing Agency

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If you are looking to get a group of high-ticket clients for your marketing agency, then you are at the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about getting high-ticket clients for your agency:

Step 1) Establish your Niche

Let people know exactly who you are. In any business, your niche’s audience must know who you are, whether your company does construction estimating services or is a marketing agency in this case.

If they do not know who you are, then there’s no way for them to contact you and reach out to you for business.

Whether through social media ads, email blasts, word of mouth, or any other form of ads, make sure your target audience knows who you are and how to get in contact.

The mission of your agency is the key to getting clients. The mission of your agency should describe its function, markets and answer the question “Why does our agency exist?”

The mission should also make the purpose known to your targeted potential clients and those in the agency.

To be successful in business, you need to put the client first. Going out of the way to ensure the client’s satisfaction will go a long way with that specific client and give good referrals to other people that will increase your business.

Step 2) Build Out Your Customer Avatar

When speaking with a potential client, it is crucial to know that you are talking with someone who could bring your agency business.

With that being said, you should treat them with proper business etiquette, hospitality, and the capacity to help them fulfill their needs through your agency.

It is also essential to let the customer explain what they need and what they are struggling with, so you know how to serve them in every way you can.

Please don’t get caught in the trap of trying to guess what the customer wants before they even tell you. Instead, build a business relationship with them and make it known you are there to serve and not just take.

Step 3) Content

Content helps your customer avatar become who they want to become.

Your job as a marketing agency is to help your customers get what they want out of your services. To accomplish this consistently, let your ideal client establish the desired goals for every potential one.

The client should also feel that they placed their business in the right hands based on your agencies’ proven experience in marketing.

For example, a general contractor who hired a firm to estimate construction costs for their construction project wants to feel like they hired the right company for the job. Similarly, a customer who goes to a restaurant wants to feel like their food is well done and fresh.

In addition, the content that you produce for your clients should create credibility. The quality of the work and customer service you provide them will help them trust you with even more business.

The best content that you produce can be integrated into other aspects of your business. By doing this, you will receive the same results you did with the previous best content.

Step 4) Community

Building a community around your agency is one of the best things you can do for your business’s health. Building a community with past clients and other companies that your agency has collaborated with is necessary because it will allow you all to communicate together and create a beneficial email list.

Engage with your fans and support them!

This is also very important for the overall success of your agency. Simple things like sending out emails and checking up on your clients through social media go a long way with the customer.

Building a following and a community is great for your business; however, it is essential to remember your agency’s goal is to turn the neighborhood into loyal clients.

The key is to turn the community into loyal clients, which is through the strategies listed above.

Step 5) Growth

As a marketing agency, you should know more than anyone how important it is to get exposure to your business.

A great way to do this is by collaborating with an influencer in marketing to promote your agency. This could be anyone from a celebrity who uses your services to a Youtuber with a niche for marketing/business or even a social media personality with a significant influence in the business realm.

If someone wants to look up your agency and see what it’s all about, they should be able to see the content you have produced on all of your platforms.

For example, if someone is inquiring about the construction estimating firm, they should see its construction takeoff service.

The content you produce should contain all the aspects of your niche, so there are no unanswered questions for an inquiring customer. In addition, the content should be placed on platforms such as your company’s website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Step 6) Sales

One very effective way to get sales is using the strategy of the general sales funnel.

When clients purchase goods, businesses guide them through a buying process which is called a sales funnel. Refer to the seven steps below that show the chronological process of a general sales funnel:

sales funnel

Here’s how to apply these principles to online advertising:

1) Examine the behavior of your target market. The more information you have about your target market, the more successful your sales funnel will be.

2) Find a way to grasp the interest of the audience.

3) Create a landing page. This is very important because this is where the customer sees the offer you promise them, and they have to decide whether they are going to become a customer or not.  It is also advised that an email drip campaign is created, an extensive email list of people who regularly receive emails of offers from your agency.

4) Stay in touch with the customers and make your presence known to them.


Many multi-million dollar agencies have applied these principles and been able to grow their business.

Following and staying consistent with them will go a long way for your agencies’ success. These steps will get you high-ticket clients and will eventually lead to the growth of your marketing agency.

Thanks for reading!

How to Get 10 High-Ticket Clients for your Marketing Agency

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