How to Generate eCommerce Leads with Video Marketing

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In eCommerce, getting new leads is exceptionally challenging. Customers will often be confused with so many options when choosing the right product from the right store. This situation deeply affects business owners as they try hard to hook potential customers to check out their pages.

However, there’s this strategy called video marketing to help you collect more leads effectively. This marketing tactic optimizes a conventional copy using video that gives a different experience to its audience.

Video marketing becomes a staple of a marketing strategy because video content accounts for 82% of internet traffic today. This suggests that people enjoy watching this type of content more than the other way round. Because of this reason, marketers have found video marketing a great strategy in attracting attention.

Video content marketing is excellent for increasing engagement. It urges viewers to express their feedback through votes, comments, and shares. The massive engagement will allow you to easily spread messages across different online platforms, giving you a higher chance of acquiring potential customers.

So, how to optimize your video marketing strategy to generate more leads?

1. Use in a landing page

Did you know that including marketing videos on a landing copy will make it more attractive?

In the past, landing copy is often associated with a long, neverending text to convince the audience to buy your product. More often than not, people find it boring to engage with the whole page, thus stopping themselves from reading it to the end.

However, you can eliminate this probability by adding marketing videos to your landing copy. Explainer videos are one of the most popular options for introducing your product on this page.

This type of video content marketing can deliver your messages concisely and make them more entertaining. Your audience will find it helpful to watch a short explanation video rather than reading a long, bulky landing copy on your site.

2. Use gate content

Gate content is the type of content that requires people to fill out their information to access it. Usually, marketers use gate content to upsell products or as a part of content strategy.

According to Wistia, using the built-in form in videos contributes to 16% lead conversion. That means for every 100 video plays; the video generates 16 new leads. That’s quite a number!

Including marketing videos on your page as a standalone will help you increase lead numbers. Now, imagine if you put the video on your gate content. People who are already in the middle of the funnel will be more interested in knowing you more.

Gate content with marketing videos will build curiosity among your potential customers. When they watch a short clip about your service, they can’t resist completing the form to finish what is left from the video.

3. Include on email marketing

Email marketing strategy is still powerful to date. Since email is a direct, personal approach to every customer, optimizing your marketing tactic is mandatory.

Your email should be compelling in the first place. Not only is it informative for your audience, but it’s helpful for them. Sometimes, the body email is so generic that recipients become bored.

It’s the typical sales content over and over again.

But when you use marketing videos on your email, it can attract attention at first glance. With images captured from your videos, people wonder about knowing its content. Hence, visit your page in an instant.

By visiting your page where the video is hosted, your audience will be directed to fill out their information form and make a purchase.

4. Apply a clear call to action

Call to action (CTA) is a vital copy that prompts the audience to take the desired action. Without CTA, your marketing videos won’t perform properly as a lead generator.

Clear CTA will affect viewers in making decisions. In fact, a concise CTA increases lead conversion by 21%. That’s how promising a CTA is in your marketing videos.

By including a CTA in your marketing videos, you tell the audience what to do. The video narration provides them the important information about your products. Then, CTA will guide them where to go to find your products.


Video marketing strategy is undisputedly an excellent method to generate leads, especially for eCommerce stores where competition is tight. Not only does this strategy help you gain new customers, but it drives more traffic to your pages.

Marketing videos excel in capturing attention since the visual representation helps the audience to understand messages better. Moreover, this type of video content comes in many styles for different purposes. So, you can literally make marketing videos for every stage of your funnel.


Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

How to Generate eCommerce Leads with Video Marketing

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