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How To Fully Take Advantage Of Instagram Stories

The great success of Instagram Stories is based on its ability to have a massive reach, build your brand’s identity, and engage with new followers. While Instagram enables you to grow your brand and engage followers with images and videos, Instagram Stories goes a step further to take the followers behind the scenes to enjoy sneak peeks of new products, upcoming events, and how brands run their businesses.

You could argue that even regular Instagram features do offer such benefits. However, the difference is that, since Stories only last online for 24 hours, people feel less obliged to be formal when creating them. Thus, people and businesses tend to be more creative and post playful ads that market a business without being pushy.

Hence, to maximize on the advantages this Instagram feature offers, plan your story ahead of time – come up with all the details you want to include and the order in which they will flow.

Hook in the viewers within the first four seconds to keep them watching your Story until the end, or make your point within those first seconds before their attention drops off.

Post your Story at the right times (between 7-9 pm on Mondays and Thursdays), since this is when user engagement levels are highest. Ensure your Story material is easy for vertical viewing since 94% of smartphones users normally hold their devices vertically.

Furthermore, add some hashtags, especially the geotagged location, so you can increase visibility. Make sure to include links to your shoppable page, blog, or website to create a direct engagement with your company.

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Considering that 120 million users have engaged with brands after viewing an Instagram Story, a call-to-action at the end of it is required to ensure they know exactly what you want them to do after watching it.

Last but not the least, boost further engagement by letting an influencer take over your Instagram Stories for a few days. They easily sway people, hence bringing in higher sales. Businesses have increased engagement by approximately 20% when hosting an influencer or employee on their Stories for a few days.

For more information on how to effectively use Instagram Stories, read the infographic below:


How To Fully Take Advantage Of Instagram Stories


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