How to Fix SSL Errors on Android Phones

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One of the most basic Android devices’ issues comes from a browser message that says your connection is not private. This may be difficult because it occurs even on the latest devices with the latest OS’s newest updates. It is not a big deal. Here is how to fix the SSL error on Android phones.

Let’s Start with SSL Certificates

First, a little history. As you may know, an SSL Certificate is created to certify the status of the website you’re visiting. It is Something that is done by the certification expert that gives the certificate and assures you about who is on the other side of the connection. And encrypt all interaction between your browser and the webserver.

This is crucial because, without SSL encoding, all the data you send to the other visiting site is open. And this data can be stopped or managed by a third party. With an SSL Certificate, information is encrypted and can only be decoded by the website itself.

Without a secure connection, browsing is never a good idea.

Now, one last little bit of data for the sake of accuracy. SSL error is only the common term for the protocol at this point. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It was the original protocol for encryption.

Ways to fix SSL connection errors on Android phones

When you get an SSL Certificate error report on your Android phone, there are many ways you can go about fixing the issue. We will list five fixes. If one method does not mean to be fruitful, you can go for the other. Finally, your problem will be rectified.

1.Correct the Date and Time on your Android Device

This is an easy fix that may solve this Android error for you instantly. Just make sure your date and time are right. For doing this, go to Settings and choose Date & Time. From there, initiate the option for automatic date & time.

2.Clear Browsing Data on Chrome

Suppose the Date/Time fix did not work. It means that you may require to clear the browsing data. This is another easy method. Begin by opening Chrome and then clicking Menu. Go to Privacy and choose Settings. Then select Clear Browsing Data. Before clicking on the clear option, check the data of all the boxes.

3.Change WiFi Connection

Try turning the WiFi connection on your device if mentioned fixes do not work. You might be on public WiFi, which is notably insecure. Get a private WiFi connection and see if the SSL error is fixed.

4.Temporarily Disable Antivirus

Suppose you have an antivirus or security application installed on your Android phone. Try to disable it temporarily and then browsing again. Sometimes these apps can prevent your browser in a way that lets the SSL connection failed.

5.Reset your Android Device

This is the nuclear option, but all of the other aforementioned ideas have failed to solve the SSL error. It means that now You may have to reset your phone. The prime step is to backup your phone before losing all your data that you have stored. After that, you have to go to Settings and then Backup & Reset. Then click Factory Data Reset.


I hope this article has guided you on fixing SSL errors on Android phones. These mentioned steps will surely help you to resolve your errors. Suppose you face any problem or have any query about fixing the error. Leave your questions and comments in the review panel.

How to Fix SSL Errors on Android Phones

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