How to Fix a Water Damaged MacBook

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There are various possibilities, owing to which, people end up damaging their laptops. Spilling liquids such as water or coffee is one of the most common ways that lead to a non-workable laptop. Moreover, your MacBook faces this risk almost every day unless you’re careful. No other commonly found substances can harm your laptop as much as liquids can. So, you must always make sure to keep them away from your MacBook.

Have you ended up spilling a liquid over your MacBook? Then, the following information should help you prevent or at least minimize the damage. 

Preventive Measures for Liquid Damage on your MacBook

Many users might not have dealt with water spills before. So, some of them might find it more viable to get professional help. In such a case, you must reach out to a certified technician associated with MacBook water damage Dubai who can fix the MacBook with ease. Otherwise, you can try and fix the issue at home. In both cases, you must act immediately to save your laptop from damage. 

Follow the steps given below to stop the liquid from causing server problems to your MacBook.

  • Switch off and unplug from the power source

If your device was working, shut it down as soon as you spill the liquid on it. Unfortunately, many users often keep their laptops running in this situation. As a result, they face permanent damages to their device. So, if you keep using your device, that only complicates the issue and increases repair costs. In many cases, you may even need to replace your laptop. 

Have you connected your MacBook’s charger to a power source? Then, you must unplug it immediately to save your device from damage. Apart from that, it can also save the user from suffering an electric shock. So, shutting down your laptop is important for your, as well as the device’s safety. 

  • Wipe away all the liquid from the surface

Once you’ve shut down your device, you must remove all the water from its surface. The liquid you’ve spilled can get inside through the keyboard, but it takes time. So, you’ll find some of it left on the surface. Wipe it off properly using a piece of cloth to minimize the damage to your laptop. 

  • Disconnect all devices from the port

You might need to use various external devices such as pen drives with your laptop. If you spill a liquid on your MacBook, you disconnect all of them from it. This also includes printers, scanners, adapters, and other such devices. Have you connected a mouse and keyboard to your laptops? If yes, you need to remove them as well until you fix the issue. 

  • Remove the battery if possible.

Unless you act immediately, the liquid can reach and damage crucial components like the battery. So, you need to make sure that they don’t receive any damage. After all, getting an original replacement is quite costly. 

If the battery in your MacBook is a removable one, remove it and look for damages. If that’s not possible, you must approach an Apple MacBook repair Dubai for help. In case your device has a removable battery, you can usually access it from the bottom. 

  • Bring the liquid out of the device.

Has any of the liquid managed to enter your MacBook? Then, you need to bring it out before it harms your device’s important components. For that, you must place your MacBook upside-down while it’s open. If there’s any liquid inside the device, it should drip out slowly now. So, it would be best if you keep your laptop in this position for a while. Once you’re done with this step, you must make sure whether any parts are damaged. 

  • Check the internal parts for any damage. 

Depending on how quickly you reacted, there’s a chance that the liquid has caused some damage. In that case, it’ll affect your MacBook’s performance. But, it would help if you didn’t switch on your laptop yet. So, how do you check whether your device is damaged? Most of the latest laptop models don’t allow users to open them. In such cases, you must consider reaching out to a competent Apple MacBook repair Dubai

Open up your laptop if it allows that and takes out the removable parts. For that, you need to find a screwdriver. Taking out the essential parts from your laptop is a good way to minimize liquid damage. So, once you’re ready, open up the device and remove the following parts:

Storage drive

Depending on the kind of liquid, it can cause considerable damage to your MacBook’s hard drive. As a result, you may lose all or much of your important data. So, you must remove this component if that’s possible. Usually, you can do that by unlocking a few screws. Also, be very careful while disconnecting the hard disk from the cables. If it’s damaged, contact a repair service for MacBook water damage repair Dubai. 


Your device memory is another crucial component that liquid damage can affect a lot. In that case, you’ll have to replace your MacBook’s memory. Removing the RAM ‘sticks’ is quite easy in laptops that allow users to set them apart. Check for any moisture on them and wipe it off if you find any. 

If the components mentioned above have got wet, you need to wipe them properly. Also, leave them to dry before you put them back into the device. Meanwhile, check the other internal components for damages. 

  • Let the internal parts dry. 

If you have opened up your laptop from the bottom, you can access various components. So, it would be best if you made sure to dry any of them affected by the spill. For that, you can use a cloth or a can of compressed air. 

When you spill certain liquids such as coffee, it might leave a sticky residue. So, it would be best if you made sure to remove it in such a case. For that, you can use distilled water or alcohol to wipe the affected area. Also, you can clean the keyboard the same way in such cases. 

  • Please wait for the parts to dry and reassemble them.

Once you’re done with wiping away the moisture, you must not put them back immediately. Instead, you should wait for a day and keep the laptop in an upside-down position. This will make sure it’s free of any moisture. After all, your MacBook risks getting damaged if you start it before ensuring that. 

What if you can’t Fix the Issue?

You can deal with water damage in your MacBook only if you can take it apart. So, you need to approach the nearest Apple MacBook Repair if you’re using any iOS models. Are you unsure whether you can fix the issue? Did you fail to find the solution even after following the steps mentioned above? You must find professional help immediately in such cases. 

How to Fix a Water Damaged MacBook

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