How to Find Trending Products for Your eCommerce Store

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Run an eCommerce store? Well, you probably want to be packing it to the brim with products that will be flying off those digital shelves. For this, you will need to head online and look up products that sell well and have little in the way of competition.

This means finding products that are trending. We will share a few ideas about how to find trending products for your eCommerce store on this page. Don’t worry. It is much simpler than you may think.


One of the easiest ways to look for tending products is to head on over to Instagram. If you search for hashtags relevant to your niche, you will see which products are trending. You may want to pay special attention to the products promoted by the influencers with tons and tons of followers. They are called influencers for a reason. They encourage people to buy products. If you list them on your eCommerce store, you have a much better chance of selling something.

You won’t be able to get all of the products ‘in stock’ that are being promoted on Instagram, but you should end up having a decent idea about the types of products people are currently interested in.

Even if you can get a ‘cheaper’ version of a product in stock on your eCommerce store, you have a big chance of being able to sell it. After all, some people will not afford everything being pushed by the influencers, but they want something.


Amazon is likely going to be a competing store for you. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be your ally too. As you know, Amazon has products in just about every potential eCommerce category. Why not browse the category that best matches your store? From here, you will be able to see what the top-selling products in that category are.

Once again, there is a chance that you may not be able to get all of these products in stock, but you can read the reviews and find out why they are popular. This will give you an idea of what similar products you will be able to place on your eCommerce store.


This is somewhat of a crude way of doing things because you will find trending products as such, but you will almost certainly find a few of the best products, which people will also be looking for.

To use YouTube to find the best trending products for your eCommerce store, you will need to type in ‘best ____,’ where the ___ symbolizes whatever niche you are operating in. There will be a ton of videos that pop up in the search. Go for a relevant one that has a ton of views. This will give you an idea of some products that you could be stocking. You will be surprised at how many people will look at sites like YouTube to get a feel for the range of available online products, and many will barely look beyond these videos.

Review Websites

Look for review websites in your niche. Not your typical Amazon Associates affiliate websites, but genuine ‘top-quality sites for your place. The ones that have a ton of people visiting them. If one of these companies reviews a significant product, you know that it will start trending soon.

You also know that it is likely that the PR team behind that product is ready to give it a big push, so you should start to see it pop up in several different places. It is being pushed hard, and you want the products that are being pressed hard because it means that people will come and purchase them from you.

Check Marketplace Websites

We are talking along the lines of eBay and similar sites here. Not a Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. Most of the marketplace websites will give you a general overview of the types of products selling well on them, much like Amazon does. You will also be able to benefit from these marketplace websites. You can add your products to them too. This will give you an extra market for your product, translating to more cash in the business coffers.

You could try AliExpress and Wish here. Both of these are marketplaces that have tons and tons of products listed. If you can think of a niche, you will check trending products on each website with ease.

Talk to Your Suppliers

When you buy products from a supplier, then make sure that you talk to them. They will easily be able to tell you which of their products are selling well. This is excellent information and something that you can use to your advantage when stocking your eCommerce store.

Although, do bear in mind that the whole job of your supplier will be to sell you as much product as possible. It is how they make their money. This means that you probably should do a bit of extra research on top of what your supplier has told you because if you don’t, you may end up being given products which the supplier just wanted to get rid of.

If you are dropshipping products, look at the trending lists that your drop shipper may have. See which products of theirs are going out of stock regularly etc. This will give you a firm indication regarding the popularity of certain products, and thus you may want to place a greater focus on them on your website. Although you should probably bear in mind that you will have more competition with these trending products.


This is just a starter guide on finding trending products for your eCommerce store, but we feel that all of the information on this page is useful. There’s also more advanced product trend research you can do with software and other technical avenues. Product research is critical for any dropshipping/ecom store, and if you get it right, you should be able to scale and expand your business on those successful products from your research.

How to Find Trending Products for Your eCommerce Store

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