How to find the right content marketing agency for your small business
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How to find the right content marketing agency for your small business

Do you want to market your brand like a pro? Then, partner with the best content marketing agency. 

Content is the king. It helps create brand awareness, authority, and reputation. HubSpot’s research article states that 56% of marketers find blogging effective, and 10% receive high ROI. 

So, there is no doubt that content marketing works like magic to promote your business online

However, your simple content marketing strategies will not work today. You cannot expect high results with a few keyword-oriented blogs or random social media content.

It would be best if you had a well-structured content marketing plan to grow your small business. And a competent content marketing agency can help you with that. Apart from great experience, these agencies have skilled content creators, distributors, designers, and other professionals to build a dynamite strategy. 

However, finding the best content marketing agency is another challenging task. Finding a perfect content marketing company that can meet your business goals and help you grow online is hard.

This guide is dedicated to helping small businesses to find the best content marketing partner within their budget. So, let’s scroll down to build a progressive content marketing strategy.

Why Partner With a Content Marketing Agency?

Small businesses are always in a budget crunch. Thus, they always invest in essential resources only. Hiring a content marketing agency is one of the lucrative investments for small businesses because:

Cost intensive 

Hiring a content marketing agency is more cost-effective than hiring a dedicated full-time content creator. On average, content writers make $60,298 per year. In addition to content creators, you must hire designers, SEO experts, and distributors to build an in-house content management team.

On the contrary, you only have to pay for the services you have used from a content marketing agency. In addition, it saves all the infrastructure development and employee benefit costs.

Experiment with diverse content strategies

Content marketing agency and experience across different verticals. They can run different content strategies to drive maximum results. 

For example, agencies can suggest marketing strategies like content syndication to generate more value at less cost. 

Scale your content efforts 

Agencies allow you to scale or reduce your content efforts anytime. For example, if you want to invest in more social media posts in one month, your agency has the workforce to scale up overnight. In contrast, your in-house team has limited capacity to deliver content every month.

Solid networking 

A reputed content marketing company has connections all around the industry. They are acquainted with popular editors and publication houses in your niche. You can leverage their network and get your content posted on high DA websites to generate backlinks and establish their authority.

7 Steps to Find the Best Content Marketing Agency

According to Statista, over 14,000 digital advertising companies will be present in 2020. In addition, more than 7000 agencies offer additional digital marketing services like content creation. 

So, in this large pool of content marketing firms, finding the perfect one for your small business is not easy. Therefore, we have designed this step-by-step guide to help you find the best content marketing agency for small businesses:

Step 1. Define your content marketing goals

Why are you investing in content marketing? Do you want to generate more traffic on your site? Do you want to increase your email and social media engagement rate?

Before hiring a content marketing partner, you must answer all these questions to define your content marketing goals. You can’t hire the best agency if you don’t have clear KPIs and goals. 

In addition, setting goals will help you measure the performance of your content marketing company. This will help you understand whether your company is delivering the right results or not.

According to research, 80% of B2B marketers have clear content marketing goals, 65% have set KPIs, and 43% measure content marketing ROI. 

So, if you don’t have clear content marketing goals, start creating one today. Here are the common metrics that you can consider while monitoring your content goals:

    • Email engagement like open rate, conversion rate, click-through rate
    • Social media engagement includes like number of likes, comments,
    • Website traffic
    • Number of new subscribers
    • Search engine ranking and so on

Step 2. Experience in your industry 

Most people make a common mistake while outsourcing services from other companies. They only check the overall experience of the company. 

But this doesn’t work when hiring a content marketing agency. Content marketing strategy for every business sector is different. 

For example, a SaaS content marketing strategy will be different from eCommerce. SaaS content strategy includes case studies, informative blogs, ebooks, etc. 

Work locally, grow globally
Work locally, grow globally.

Here look at the content resources of the call center automation tool — CloudTalk. They have created blogs, ebooks, and webinars to promote their services. 



On the other hand, Stayfree is an e-commerce sanitary brand that uses blogs, social media, and lucrative deals to target customers via content.


Therefore, you should use a market segmentation strategy to divide content marketing agencies into different experience levels across various industries. But, it would be best if you focused on content marketing companies with high experience in your business domain.

Step 3. Check their content gallery 

Imagine walking into a fashion store whose owner wore baggy and non-trendy clothes. Now, do you buy clothes from that store? 

Probably, no, because the owner can’t dress properly — how can they offer the latest fashion clothes? 

Similarly, the content marketing company that doesn’t have a clear in-house content strategy can’t offer the best solutions to you. 

So, head to your shortlisted agencies’ websites and social pages to check how they leverage content to promote their business. 

Check their content gallery 
Check their content gallery.

For instance, Marveta is a leading content marketing agency that claims to offer business-specific content marketing strategies. Their blog section, creative web content, and social media content talk all about their content marketing strategies. 


Step 4. Check previous customer experience 

The next step is to understand whether the company delivers what they claim. And for that, previous customers are the best. 

The people who have already worked with the company can better tell about: 

    • Communication skills 
    • Project turnaround time
    • Team’s ability 
    • Internal workflow 

Most companies publish testimonials on their websites, which is a great place to start. But, since the company regulates website content. Thus, those testimonials and reviews have low credibility. 

So, the next best place to find previous customer experience is third-party review websites like Clutch. In addition, Google and LinkedIn reviews are useful for knowing more about the agency. 

Besides this, head to social media platforms and check the comments section to know what people are talking about the company. You will get some unfiltered reviews on social networks. 

If you don’t want to do all this hard work, ask the agency to connect you with their previous clients. 

Step 5. Demand solid proofs 

Content marketing is a measurable unit. Thus, ask agencies to provide proof to justify their claims. 

If the company says they can improve your website ranking in 30 days, ask them to show screenshots or proof to claim their points. 

Today, there is cutthroat competition in the digital marketing field. So, some companies fabricate a few facts to attract clients. 

Thus, if you don’t want to fall into the trap of the wrong content marketing agency, demand proof for everything. 

Most companies share case studies to show their content marketing results. 

Demand solid proofs 
Demand solid proofs

For example, Camp Creative is a leading digital marketing agency in California. They have created a dedicated case study section with photos to help new customers understand their work better. 


Step 6. Compare the prices 

You must have shortlisted 4-5 suitable content marketing agencies by now. So, you can now get quotations from them. 

After that, explore the market and ask for prevailing prices for content writing, graphic designing, and other services. This will help you understand whether companies are quoting the right price or not. 

Also, compare different companies’ quotes and select the best one within your budgetary limits. 

Step 7. Ask for a plan of action 

Finally, ask the agency to share the full content marketing plan for at least a month with you. 

This way, you will know what to expect from your content marketing agency. In addition, you can ensure that they don’t use any black hat trick to deliver instant results like keyword stuffing, content dumping, etc. 

These strategies might deliver fast results. But, in the long run, black hat strategies can damage your search ranking and brand reputation. 

Also, frequently communicate with the agency and provide them with real-time feedback. 

Let’s Partner With The Best Content Marketing Agency Now! 

Content is the backbone of your online marketing. It makes your business visible online. High-quality content and the ability to track website visitors can significantly boost your lead generation efforts.

Therefore, always partner with a content marketing agency that can understand your business and its needs. When you work with a compatible company, it will get easier to establish a smooth workflow and achieve your goals. 

As you can see, it takes seven steps to find the best content marketing agency. So, let’s not wait and start your search now. 

How to find the right content marketing agency for your small business

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