How to Find the Best eCommerce Employees in 2021
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How to Find the Best eCommerce Employees in 2021

The marketplaces that connect e-commerce professionals with their customers are becoming the future of shopping — a process that has been fast-tracked due to the prevalence of the coronavirus crisis. For business owners looking for talented help for their e-commerce businesses, it can be hard to know what to find the right employees.

If you’re hiring in a remote environment, determining employee fit can be even more difficult. You need to find trustworthy, hardworking, and skilled employees, but what are the other top skills you should be looking for in your candidates?

According to Resume Now’s recent hiring and resume statistics for 2021, the top skills employers search for are:

  1. Problem-solving (37%)
  2. Ability to deal with complexity (32%)
  3. Communication (31%)

Meanwhile, the top things employees search for are:

  1. Information regarding pay (44%)
  2. Clear growth tracks (39%)
  3. Promoting from within (37%)

So what can you take away from this to hire the best remote e-commerce employees? Well, it’s clear that employers are valuing autonomy and decision-making skills more — likely because of the rise of remote work. If you have mostly remote employees, you cannot communicate with them as frequently, meaning they need to be better at solving things for themselves.

Additionally, you can see what the best potential employees are looking for. Want to stand out from your competitors to hire top talent? Being transparent about your pay scales may be a good way to do so. Additionally, articulating your growth tracks and ways for employees to move up the hierarchy can help attract top talent. 

Most job searchers prefer to communicate by email (58%) over the phone call (25%) or in-person meetings (17%). By meeting your candidates where they are, you can make yourself stand out and make it easier to find top-tier employees for your e-commerce business. 

Top-tier employees are meticulous, know what they are doing, have adequate training, and work carefully yet efficiently. Taking the time to hire the right employees — and show your employees that their managers trust them and their input will help retailers find innovative solutions and approaches that benefit the overall customer experience. It gives employees a sense of purpose and helps them feel connected to your business goals.

When you talk about the people you need for your team, whether they are in-person or remote, it’s important to talk about how you can best find these employees because every e-commerce business’ needs is a little bit different. A small, online boutique would likely look for different qualifications than a conglomerate like Amazon.  

Another important thing for employers to know is which roles you can outsource to your e-commerce business and which ones you should keep in-house to run an agile, effective, and efficient growth engine. If you are starting and want to pick the right person for the job, such as a sales manager, marketing director, or marketing manager for your business, it’s important to understand where the skilled employees are and to keep those jobs in-house if you want to expand your business while maintaining culture and a sense of comradery.

If you want your e-commerce business to grow, you will have to emphasize hiring the right people. If you want to compete with mega-businesses Amazon, it’s essential to have your products delivered on time and find the right employees.       

While the right e-commerce employees vary according to your individual business needs, most e-commerce employees should have a range of experience, including marketing and web knowledge. However, it’s also important to consider soft skills as well. The top soft skills listed on resumes include communication (11%), leadership (9%), and time management (6%). 

It’s no secret that the recruitment process is crucial to build an excellent team for your e-commerce store. Keep reading to learn the top hiring statistics for employees and employers in 2021. 

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How to Find the Best eCommerce Employees in 2021

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