How to Find a Software Engineering Contractor for a Large eCommerce Project

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How to Find a Software Engineering Contractor for a Large eCommerce Project

Many retailers are now introducing innovative technologies; someone has already completed the launch of online trading channels, is just starting this path, and is modernizing their business processes. At the same time, choosing a methodology and contractors is still relevant, and its significance is underestimated. Most of the tasks are often done by the contractor, but how do you understand which one is the right contractor?

Assess the Scale of Your Own Business

The first and foremost thing that an eCommerce representative should do is assess their experience in e-commerce and the scale of the business. The choice of a platform for creating a trading platform, the volume of development, and the type of contractor will depend on this. Let’s explain in more detail.

Every online store owner has a certain amount of experience in e-commerce or offline trading. At a minimum, he already has a showcase on Instagram or a physical point of sale that the client wants to move to the Internet. Typically, the idea of​​creating a website coincides with the growth of the business when the online entrepreneur is unable to process orders on their own. You have to choose which direction to move on: expand the staff or optimize your activities. The site needs automation, and its owner needs help with order processing, delivery, logistics, product accounting, and marketing in general. Social media tools alone are not enough for full-fledged work.

The first step in such a situation is an entrepreneur’s attempt to develop an online store using popular website builders. Small businesses usually try to close this issue independently or hire a freelancer. A simple solution aims to close the problem of selling goods and establish minimal user interaction. At this stage, the online store owner does not yet think about how payment by card, work with legal entities, and interaction with accounting software will be implemented on his website. There are no such concepts as warehouses and logistics. Of course, this is an already working online store. However, the entrepreneur realizes that he needs a site with many more opportunities over time.

Therefore, choose a contractor who can meet your needs at the lowest cost. There is no point in giving the contractor a detailed technical assignment. It will be much more useful to identify the main problems and ask what options the contractor will offer to solve them. Feel free to ask questions and discuss options. So you will gain valuable experience and be convinced of the expertise of a potential contractor.

A perfect decision, in any case, would also be creating a custom software development as only it could satisfy your needs 100%.

Choose a Project Management Methodology

A project management methodology is the first step to the success of your e-commerce project. The right approach to project management allows the team to work much more efficiently and reduces risks.

For most eCommerce projects, many companies use the Scrum methodology. Ken Schwaber, a developer, created it and product manager to simplify IT projects’ management. This agile methodology helps us operate as a highly self-organized, multi-functional team. Thanks to daily communication within the team, we evaluate the results of each stage of project development and achieve a high quality of the finished product. Features of the Scrum methodology:

  • Project reserve with tasks prioritized;
  • A fixed set of tasks from the project reserve, performed during the sprint;
  • Daily team meetings, where progress in current tasks is discussed, future work is described, and problems encountered are discussed;
  • Short meetings to plan a list of requirements for product functionality and form sprints;
  • Short retrospectives for all team members to discuss previous sprints.

You may be wondering what the function of a project manager is? Remember, Scrum has no such role, and all of its parts are performed by the Scrum Master. Namely, identifying obstacles to achieving sprint goals on time. What’s more, Scrum has the following benefits for online businesses:

  • Speed. Online shopping is a rapidly developing area where customer behavior changes frequently, and new technologies appear with enviable regularity.
  • Flexibility. For your online business to have the value it needs in the eyes of your customers, you need to use innovative technologies.
  • Cooperation. The communication process among team members is regular and transparent. In this way, developers share their ideas and define new strategies for customers and potential users.

Apply to Engineering Marketplaces

Engineering marketplaces are a perfect place for meeting a contractor. However, if you are eager to find out how to hire world-class engineers, then you should check an Engre platform. is an online international engineering platform that presents companies and freelancers that provide a wide range of services.

Engre implies a relationship between a contractor and a customer based on the principles of trust. Therefore the correct choice of an engineering company is critical to the successful implementation of large-scale projects. In any case, the customer is minimally involved in the design, procurement, and construction process, transferring responsibility for this activity to the contractor. Through the efforts of its team, the contractor company designs equipment and structures, holds tenders and purchases the necessary materials, delivers equipment, and organizes work on the site. One of the important features of Engre is that the work process can be carried out at the expense of its resources or through subcontracting. At the beginning of the contract, both parties agree on the work price to the specified state.

How to Find a Software Engineering Contractor for a Large eCommerce Project