How to Encourage the Mental Health of Your Employees

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How to Encourage the Mental Health of Your Employees

If you run a business or manage employees, it’s your job to set the team’s tone. But, unfortunately, mental health is a topic that can carry a stigma, especially in the workplace. 

Taking the initiative to encourage your employees to pursue their mental health can greatly improve your team’s overall production and wellbeing.

Let’s discuss some ways you can encourage your employees’ mental health.

Allow Mental Health Days

It’s important to determine the early signs of mental health issues. When your employees are mentally unwell, they cannot perform to their fullest capacity.

With the stress of the pandemic, balancing work-home life, health issues, and other factors, some workers are feeling the pressure of greater mental health concerns.

That’s why a mental health day can be a real respite for employees. Especially if you work in health care or a high-stress atmosphere, allowing your employees time for rest and recuperation can make a big impact.

Mental health days can:

  • show your employees that you care about their health
  • combat burnout
  • boost motivation
  • improve physical and mental wellbeing

Check-in With Your Employees

Take time out of your day each week, month, or on a timeline that works for your team to check in with each employee to see how they’re doing.

Ask questions like:

  • How are your energy levels during your workday?
  • How would you describe your level of stress or anxiety?
  • Since starting here, have you experienced any changes in your mood, sleep, or relationships?
  • Is there anyone you can talk to about your mental health at work?
  • Do you feel supported in this work environment?
  • What are ways I can best support your mental health at work?

Consider your employees’ working conditions, stress levels, compensation, amount of work, and other factors that may impact their mental health.

Make sure your employees know that you value their health and use the information they give you to create a plan of action moving forward on how to improve your team’s overall health.

Encourage Work-Life Balance

Some employees can struggle to balance their work-life and their home life. 

When you take a step back to look at the team or company’s culture, you may find that some employees take fewer vacation days, work long hours, and place their work above their health.

These people may be viewed as ambitious, overachieving, or successful, continuing a cycle of compromises for the sake of a career.

Remind your employees that their work is essential, but they should create boundaries and make space for ventures outside of work.

This may be especially difficult for people working from home since the start of COVID-19, as the line between work and home has become much more blurred.

Encourage breaks throughout the day, taking a lunch hour, and leaving at the agreed-upon time to end the workday.

The Benefits of Better Employee Health

When you put your employees’ mental health first, you’ll find better results in their work, better attitudes towards their work, less distraction from symptoms of mental illness, and other benefits.

With a few of the tips above and more, you can start to create a culture of inclusivity and openness with your employees.

How to Encourage the Mental Health of Your Employees