How To Effectively Use White Space In Your eCommerce Website
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How To Effectively Use White Space In Your eCommerce Website

Most of the white space on any website is often left blank. However, this shouldn’t be the case. Instead, you should use this space to represent your brand better and make an impression on anyone visiting your e-commerce website. Have you ever wondered how you can use this white space effectively? Read on to find out how.

Showcase Your Brand

With possible many white spaces on your website’s home page, use the macro white space to showcase your brand.

Highlight your company’s name as the first thing, with its image centered on the homepage. Then, enlarge the letters for better visibility and attention. If you have no idea how to do this, ask your eCommerce web design Melbourne-based provider to help you out.

You can decide to include your brand message at the bottom of your company name. Alternatively, use this space below your business name to highlight your main selling point as a business. For example, the message could be ‘free delivery services’ or ‘a 20% sale.’ This catches your site visitors’ attention, making them want to know more. Ensure the brand message is in a slightly bigger font and has more micro white space between the words. 

Using your macro white space in this manner focuses attention on your brand, which should be the end goal.  

Create A Hierarchy On Your Website

With a hierarchy, you can arrange the elements of your business in order of importance and how you want your clients to see them.

For vital elements, such as the brand message, contact information, company logo, have them on a macro white space. They’ll be eye-catching and visible to your potential clients, ensuring they don’t miss them. 

For non-vital but essential elements, reduce the white space on them. For example, your second important element could be the services you offer. You can present them through words or infographics. If by words, have the title enlarged on a small-sized macro white space, with the list of services enlarged and with a slightly bigger font.

Make Your Work Legible

For your e-commerce website to deliver the intended message efficiently, the information presented should be easy to read. 

Make your work legible by ensuring that the spacing between the words is reasonable and allows for easier readability by your potential customers. Use the micro white space available efficiently. However, the spacing shouldn’t be too large, as it won’t deliver the message efficiently and will seem unprofessional. 

It shouldn’t be too small, either. If too small, your website would look like clutter. This may overwhelm your visitors, making them leave even before they see your intended message.

Do this across all click-points, not just on your home page.

Add Color To Your White Space

Just because the name says it’s a white space doesn’t mean that it has to be plain white. Fill these spaces, especially the macro white ones, with the color of your liking. It could be yellow, light grey, or anything you like the most. There’s no limit to your choice.

It would also be a good idea to use your company’s primary color in this space. For example, if blue represents your company and its merchandise, use it for your macro white space. 

As you do this, it’s crucial to ensure that any font color you use on your wordings must be visible against the macro color background.

Showcase Your Call To Actions

Showcase Your Call To Actions

The icons on your home page are a call to action that guides your visitors to access the information they need. This includes the menu, email address, office number, and sometimes your office address. Because you’re an e-commerce business owner, include a shopping cart icon where your customers can see the list of goods they’ve bought and a search button to allow them to find your products and services easily.

Utilize your macro white space to highlight these icons. Let them be strategically placed as well for more straightforward navigation. For the menu icon, have it as the first thing on your e-commerce platform, adjacent to the logo. Include it under one of the click-ons under the menu icon for the contact information. It’s also essential to have this information displayed well at the bottom of your home page. Leave a macro white space at the bottom of your first page to serve this purpose. This gives your site visitors, and potential clients access to reach you, instead of having to scroll through thousands of information trying to find your contact details.


By implementing the tips given in this article, you’re assured that you’ll be using the white space of your e-commerce website effectively. The major takeaway from this is to use the macro white space on your website to showcase the message you want your guests to see and remember. Doing this will leave an impression on them, increasing their curiosity to know what you have to offer. Even if they don’t purchase any item from their first visit, they’ll recall your website’s image in possible future transactions.

How To Effectively Use White Space In Your eCommerce Website

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