How to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Your Recruitment Brand

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How to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Your Recruitment Brand

Today’s job market is competitive, and well-qualified candidates have the luxury of choosing exactly the type of company they want to join. Building a recruitment brand through LinkedIn can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors to attract top talent.

LinkedIn can be leveraged as a powerful engagement tool for recruiters to boost their recruitment brand with the right strategy. There’s no doubt that top recruiters are 60% more engaged with LinkedIn recruiting tools than the average recruiter.

With the increasing use of social media platforms among consumers, leveraging platforms like LinkedIn has become crucial for amplifying recruitment branding. With over 500 million users and two new members every second, LinkedIn is a great place to build your recruitment brand and attract job seekers. LinkedIn is the ideal platform for recruiters, hiring managers, and employers, the number one source of quality hires as the largest business-oriented networking website.

Choosing the right Applicant Tracking System and building a successful recruitment brand can a strong employer can positively impact your business. Organizations that focus on this can easily start conversations with top talent, making filling open positions easier.

Before diving right in, building a practical recruitment marketing plan through LinkedIn is the most crucial step to build your recruitment brand successfully.

The Importance of LinkedIn Marketing

Today, marketing and recruitment go hand in hand, especially in today’s job market, where job seekers are like consumers. So this is where recruiters should market their company so that it appeals to the industry’s top talent. 

By boosting your LinkedIn marketing, a higher number of job seekers will become familiar with your brand, and you can captivate and educate people in the industry about your company through articles, videos, and employee posts. In essence, LinkedIn marketing is highly effective for increasing engagement, driving awareness through content, and building a pipeline. Fortunately, LinkedIn offers many recruitment marketing tools like targeted ads and career pages, which get job seekers to respond to your outreach and apply to open roles.

To help you in using LinkedIn for recruitment, here are five tips from us:

1. Consistently Update Your LinkedIn Page

To stay relevant to your target audience, make sure that your organization’s LinkedIn page is up to date and you are active on the account. Make sure your brand’s LinkedIn reflects your company culture, values, and mission, and it showcases your company’s achievements to stand out to consumers. Think of your company’s LinkedIn profile as an extension of your company. LinkedIn enables employers to showcase their company story, employee testimonials, photos, diversity, and more. It should be a place where job seekers can get insight into the work culture for employees at your organization and the available career opportunities. To achieve this, make sure that your content aligns with your overall brand.

Moreover, consistent posting makes all the difference. While a single status update reaches about 20% of your followers, posting an average of 20 times a month will extend that reach to a whopping 60%. Also, companies who post at least one status update a week receive 40% more views to their LinkedIn job posts.

2. Diversify Your Content

Keeping a consistent tone to build your brand is essential, but remember to diversify your content to attract a higher volume of potential candidates. With Linkedin, you can post text updates, photos, videos, polls, and much more. Please take advantage of this by using a diverse mix of content formats to keep your audience engaged so that it does not become monotonous. In the age of social media and so much competition, diversifying your content is crucial for attracting a large audience. With a different range of content on your feed, the probability of attracting potential candidates becomes much higher as your audience will be exposed to different types of posts that spike interest in them.

3. Sponsored Content

As a recruiter or employer, LinkedIn sponsored content is another highly effective way for building your recruitment brand. Sponsored content is the way to engage with your target talent on LinkedIn. The flexibility of sponsored content allows employers to showcase their company culture through videos, employee testimonials, articles, and more. This will enable employers to share their work culture, goals, and achievements.

The targeting and rich analytics features of sponsored content on LinkedIn are beneficial for recruiters looking to boost their company’s recruitment brand. You can reach millions of potential candidates on LinkedIn or target your content to a very narrow and particular target group by sponsoring a post.

To boil it down, sponsored content is a great way to entice job seekers to explore your organization and eventually persuade them to respond to outreach from a recruiter.

4. Keep Your Employees Involved

As an employer, it’s important to note that your employees’ individual Linkedin profiles also contribute to your employer brand. For example, if your employees are active and have a complete profile on LinkedIn, it shows that they’re engaged at their workplace. This can make your organization more attractive to potential employees and positively impact company culture. All of these can help you build a strong presence on the platform—benefitting your recruitment and employer branding.

Employee-generated content is also another trending strategy for building a recruitment brand. This is highly effective as job seekers are more likely to be influenced by current employees of an organization rather than paid or sponsored content. In addition, employee-generated content is highly effective in increasing awareness amongst job seekers as employee posts get reshared up to 24x more than a branded post. This shows that employee-generated content is much more impactful as it is authentic and memorable than other types of content. Therefore, keep your employees involved in building your recruitment brand!

5. Build Your Engagement

Finally, the essential aspect of successfully building an organization’s recruitment brand is building your engagement on Linkedin. Active engagement is crucial for attracting job seekers and promoting your brand to stay relevant in the LinkedIn job market. Actively engaging on LinkedIn doesn’t just stop liking, commenting, and sharing relevant posts. By creating engaging content, the visibility of your content increases, meaning more visibility for your brand. There are numerous ways to boost your engagement on LinkedIn through the following ways:

  • Join relevant groups: To take advantage of LinkedIn groups, join groups valuable to your recruitment brand and industry. Then, join the conversation by liking, commenting, and sharing. These groups are also an excellent platform for posting open job positions.
  • Make connections: To attract job seekers on LinkedIn, the more connections you have, the better your chances of finding a suitable candidate. As a recruiter, you can nurture these connections by sharing valuable posts related to your field of expertise and engaging with individual and company posts.
  • Make use of InMail: InMail is a great way to contact passive and active candidates. In essence, InMail is like the cold calling of LinkedIn. It’s an excellent way to promote your company and potentially connect with job seekers who may be interested.

To summarise, LinkedIn provides numerous valuable tools for recruiters to attract job seekers and connect with the best candidates. With a proper understanding of the functioning of LinkedIn and social recruiting, employers can build their recruitment brand most effectively.

With a mix of recruitment marketing, profile updates, and continual engagement on the network, recruiters can enhance any company’s recruiting efforts.

Author bio:

Based out of Bloomington, Indiana, Eli Franklin completed her MBA from Kelley School Of Business and worked as a content specialist and marketing executive for Recruit CRM, a SaaS company creating world-class Applicant Tracking Systems for agency recruiters. She regularly creates specialized content for recruiters and helps Recruit CRM develop a strong marketing game.

How to Effectively Use LinkedIn for Your Recruitment Brand