How to do Email Marketing the Right Way

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There are several different ways a company can decide to market it’s business or product. One of the most tried and true methods is email marketing. For years it has provided thousands of companies with an affordable way to reach new customers and offer a strong investment return.

However, to get the most effectiveness out of email marketing, you need to be sure to do it the right way. Many companies do things incorrectly, which can cost them a lot of time, success, and money.

With that in mind, this blog post will go over a few tips to help you do email marketing the right way.

Be Sure to Verify Your Email Lists

One of the most important parts of successful email marketing is to perform email list verification. This validation can ensure that all emails in your list are valid and safe to send newsletters to. If you don’t frequently verify the emails on your list, you could be sending your newsletter, content, or offers to emails that are not valid or are no longer in use.

Also, if an email has been entered incorrectly (such as missing the .com at the end or extra space), this can be caught by a validation service. This verification process allows you to clean up your list and give you peace of mind knowing that you have accurate data and that your content is reaching who it is supposed to. The amount you will verify or validate your list depends on how frequently you send out a newsletter or how fast your list grows.

Ensure You Use a Strong Lead Magnet and Opt-In Form

For email marketing efforts to be successful, a company needs to get individuals to sign up for the list. While simply asking for emails can work in some cases, you are generally better off using a lead magnet. This is something that you will give away in exchange for someone’s email address. Of course, it needs to be something valuable to them, so they are willing to provide you with their email.

These are often an ebook, a free trial, a coupon, a free course, a video, or something else of value. The better the lead magnet is, the more people will likely trade their email for it. Besides offering something valuable and enticing as a lead magnet, you also want to utilize a quality opt-in form. It should be quite simple to fill out, feature a description that can describe your list’s benefits, and a headline that can draw their attention.

Don’t Forget to Measure Your Results.

Once you have your list building out, you can begin to send out your email marketing material or newsletter, with the hopes of increasing sales and reaching new customers. While you might think your job is done, that is not the case. It would be best if you were sure to measure the results of your newsletters, your lead magnets, and other aspects of your email marketing strategy.

It would be best if you tracked the key metrics to judge how successful your efforts have been. This includes the clickthrough rate, bounce rate, open rate, and several others. Knowing these metrics and analytics can help you see what has worked and what could use some improvements. Measuring results can ensure you can make the right changes to lead to more positive results and success in the future.

From verifying your list to measuring your results, we hope that this article has been able to help you learn how to do email marketing the right way. While it isn’t a new idea or method, it continues to be one of the most effective at reaching new customers and building on relationships with current ones.

How to do Email Marketing the Right Way