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How to Develop an Effective Twitter Strategy

Methods For Effective Twitter Content Strategy

Set Objectives

It will be important to set clear objectives before planning your entire strategy. If you want to attract larger audience for your content, your objective must include the following:

  • Generate further leads by getting followers to visit your landing page.
  • Build stronger awareness for a new service or product utilizing Twitter to market it to the strategic audience and demographic.
  • Build positive view about your brand in general by exploiting twitter as an effective PR tool.
  • Be able to build a community of like-minded individuals to give you more enhanced ideas towards innovation.

Decide As To What Point Twitter Fits In Your Strategy

Your entire Twitter plan must be able to hold its distinct identity within your content marketing concept. Examples are; you can use twitter to drive better traffic to your blog and utilize direct links to your posts and other landing pages. You may also exhaust Twitter for integrated messaging such as using a call to actions for signup, subscription or even enrollment. When it comes to increasing sales, Twitter may be also of help with the aid of compelling videos, images, and other posts.


Make Sure To identify Your Target Audience

Having to target your audience on Twitter properly is quite going to be a task but it is something you should not overlook. However, there could be various ways to find these people, making it easier for you to connect with targeted followers and effectively promote your content.

You may build Twitter list for each section of your audience to keep track of the engagements with each of your content.

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To build targeted lists of people to connect with, start looking at the value of hashtags. You may use industry relevant hashtags and browse through their streams to catch users who are using them. Or perhaps, you can use Twitter tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck in importing a Twitter list into the columns. This will provide you an easier access to follow your lists and put up a rapport with their members.


Know When Is The Best Time To Tweet

Certainly, not everyone can stay online on Twitter for the whole time in a day. Thus it will be crucial to know when your followers are online for them to be able to read your tweet. You can use Tweriod to run an analysis of your followers and show when the usual time they’re online is.


Choose What To Tweet

Make sure to share a variety of content on Twitter. You are not bounded to just having plain texts as the network supports various media formats that can be incorporated right in your tweets.

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How to Develop an Effective Twitter Strategy


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