How to decrease the churn rate in your WooCommerce stores

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How to decrease the churn rate in your WooCommerce stores

Numerous eCommerce organizations today concentrate more on client acquisition than on client retention. Have you ever realized that this is the costliest blunder made by eCommerce organizations? 

Consequently, having a strong retention strategy in place and decreased churn rates can give a massive lift to your ROI. 

Customer retention beats this load of difficulties. As it concentrates more on supporting your current clients by planning customized content, offering the best customer assistance, and offering continuous benefits. 

Along these lines, how about we discover what churn rate is and how might you viably decrease it through churn reduction marketing strategies customer churn rate.

What is the customer churn rate? 

Customer churn rate is characterized as the rate at which the eCommerce store is losing its customers within a specific period. 

However, the monthly average churn rate for eCommerce is 7.5%

Customer churn is imperative to comprehend the strength of your business and how essential it is to tackle clients’ concerns. 

Let us take a look at churn rate vs retention rate.

The retention rate is not quite the same as the churn rate. As churn rate suggests the number of clients you have lost throughout over a period. An organization with a high churn rate will have a lower degree of retention. The degree of retention is the number of clients you’ve held over a particular period.

It tends to be determined by dividing the number of lost clients by the absolute number of clients toward the start of the period. 

For instance, if you had 500 clients toward the start of the quarter, and before the finish of the quarter you lost 25 of them, then, at that point, your customer churn rate would be 4%. 

Decreasing the client churn rate is one of the most essential measurements to be followed while assessing your customer retention technique. 

It can give you educational bits of knowledge about your client supporting strategies and furthermore about the general experience you are giving to your clients. 

Henceforth, estimating churn rate metrics and forestalling client churn down ought to be one of your first concerns. Be that as it may, for viably lessening your eCommerce customer churn, comprehend the hidden reasons. 

Why does Customer churn happen?

Before you tackle any issue, recognize the reason. Sounds self-evident, yet it’s a helpful strategy. 

Poor quality 

This is an easy decision. Poor quality will kill your clients’ assumptions and for all time drive them away. 

Give it a thought. You put in a huge load of cash and exertion into securing new clients for your business. Be that as it may, assuming your brand quality needs improvement or neglects to meet client assumptions. You will not have the option to forestall client churn at any expense. 

Absence of good customer assistance 

Being with your client and supporting them all through their customer journey can be a major lift to your productivity. Tragically, not many organizations comprehend the significance of giving great client service. This is the reason various eCommerce organizations can’t forestall client churn.

Ways to reduce customer churn

Include a loyalty program

Include a loyalty program

Loyalty membership programs develop loyal clients and hold them for long. 

These clients have a greater lifetime worth and they require less work to change over. 

Another immense advantage is that such a client is probably going to prescribe you to numerous others. This likewise assists with client acquisition. 

Here are how you can foster a loyalty program for lessening churn: 

  • Understand your clients’ requirements and examine which sort of incentives or motivators they would need. Then, you can customize the loyalty program to meet the necessities of your clients. You can do this by having customized names for your motivations as opposed to utilizing coins or points. Additionally, utilize customized messages in your loyalty programs. Make the program as basic as could be expected and effectively feasible for your clients. This will give them immediate joy and then more clients would desire to partake.

Check out loyalty points and rewards for the WooCommerce plugin that helps set up personalized loyalty programs for your store.

  • Gamify your loyalty program to connect with your clients much more. 
  • You can likewise offer a referral program that will expand your acquisitions also. 

Checkout Retainful, a referral program plugin that helps in improving customer acquisition and converting your loyal customers into brand ambassadors.

Boost customer engagement

Constant communication with your clients is one of the best ways of preventing them from churning. 

Having a solid client engagement strategy assists you with getting a potential client churn even before it occurs. By utilizing proactive communication methods rather than responsive ones will support continuous engagement with clients proficiently. 

The following are a couple of means through which you can draw in with your clients more: 

  • Have a successful email advertising system set up to continue constant communication simple. 
  • Add CTAs in your messages and request that your clients answer back with any inquiries, concerns, or ideas.
  • Assure them on numerous occasions by utilizing 24×7 help. 
  • Let them know the simplicity of utilizing real-time assistance. Hence, every issue gets settled rapidly and nothing is pending for long from your side. 

Measure your churn metrics

The use of client maintenance methodologies without estimating agitate measurements is a major misuse of your time and cash. You will gain territory just when you realize which techniques are working for lessening the churn rate. 

These are a couple of things that you should remember while estimating client churn metrics: 

  • Measure churn metrics for various periods like month to month, quarterly or yearly. This will give you a more extensive viewpoint. 
  • Measure and investigate churn parameters independently for various segments of customers. 
  • Analyze what your churn rate implies for different metrics. For example, client lifetime value, recurring income, and client acquisition costs. 
  • Set attrition rate standards and check in case there is any change with time. Assuming not, spin your retention procedure and test new things out. 

Resolve before an issue arises

When you have guests on your online business website, they will need to know your offers. Basically, what will they benefit from you? This is the place where a FAQ part comes in. A FAQ is the next place where the vast majority of the watchers follow, actually looking at your product. 

When you add a FAQ area to the greeting page, it allows you the opportunity to affirm your position. You can prompt individuals on utilizing the products. Also, offer links to helpful sites for more information. 

Did you realize that the majority of the purchasers need human assistance rather than self-help? Considering this, make an accessible FAQ page. This will remove a ton of stress from the support team. 

Set up milestones and provide incentives

An extraordinary way of making your business more intuitive is to set up milestone achievements en route. This urges clients to make the subsequent step and proceed. Hence it’ll diminish the churn rate. 

Additionally, set aside an effort to see the value in the clients who are still with your organization. Give driving forces like product discounts after a certain period. 

That personal touch!

That personal touch!

While automated messages are profoundly helpful, it’s astute to customize these messages with the goal that your clients feel significant. Messages from genuine individuals will do some incredible things to lessen the churn rate. Avoid sending automated messages from a “no-reply” address. 

Here is how you can utilize automated email marketing messages in the customer journey:

  • Amplify the utilization of your “Thank you” messages 
  • Suggest products, however the right ones
  • Send holiday emails and seasonal greetings 
  • Request client feedback
  • Send reminder emails based on browsing history 
  • Send customized offers that multiply retention as email advertising efforts 

and much more


Assuming you need to expand conversion, the main thing to check is the reason your guests are leaving. That is the primary indication of something turning out badly. Make alterations to the spaces where the guest churn rate is high and sort out the potential factors that are pushing the customers away. 

Recollect that there is nothing of the sort as an “amazing marketing campaign”. You will have some off-base clients as you push forward. Notwithstanding, don’t disregard your clients and request that they rate your eCommerce brand. Follow it up with a thanking note. 

Just when you put forth an attempt to dive more deeply into the crowd’s necessities, you can concoct a system to build conversion.

How to decrease the churn rate in your WooCommerce stores