How To Create Ranking Content for Link Building

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How To Create Ranking Content for Link Building

Link building, the process of getting as many authoritative pages to link back to your page as possible, is one of the three main ways to increase your website’s ranking in major search engines. Many methods are used to earn such links, and the most common one is to post guest articles on unaffiliated websites.

Such an article should include a link to your website and specific keywords so the search engines know what to look after. Apart from that, it is good to link to other high-quality content, as appearing among high-ranking websites will boost your website’s ranking further.

When writing such an article, remember that you need to follow a specific set of rules. For example, you should avoid keyword stuffing, keep the correct number of links, and maintain a healthy link profile. If you want to learn more about creating ranking content for link building, this article is for you!

Prepare High-Quality Links

Some people find it practical to prepare links earlier. It’s not a surprise, given how having your links prepared before writing gives you a good outline of what you should include in your text and makes it easier to come up with the actual content. And you probably research your topic before writing, so in most cases, you have the links at your fingertips.

In addition to that, you have to keep in mind that you should insert links to other websites in your article. While including many links to your website is good for SEO, you should add a few external links as well.

Presenting a link to your website among other higher-quality links pointing to other sites can make it appear more authoritative. This element alone is one of the most critical factors in ranking websites. So including high-quality links is one of the best ways to ensure that your content will catch on.

Alternatively, it may be a good idea to look for premium link-building services, especially if you target a rather obscure niche such as online casinos or CBD medications. Doing this will ensure that you acquire links that will help you rank your website higher than ever.

Come Up With a Strategy

Before you start creating content for link building, it is essential to come up with a strategy. You should think about your target audience, what niche your website covers, what other places share similar interests, and lastly, what type of content you want to create.

To do so, you need to know the market well. Otherwise, it may be hard for you to find any partner blogs. After all, you can’t expect blogs focused on pet care to share your article about the latest video game trends. Besides, even if your unusual partner agrees to publish that post, it may not increase your website’s authority much.

Find Link-Worthy Topics

Once you know what pages you want to aim for, you should find link-worthy topics. In other words, you need to check what subjects generate the most links and traffic. One way to do that is to search for the most common search engine queries. This way, you can see what people look for on the web and prepare content that addresses these issues.

Another way is to look at your competitors and see what works best for them. You can use many online tools to see the approximate ranking of the competitor’s content and the content it links to. Once you find a suitable topic, you can try to overshadow your competition with your articles.

Study The Keywords

It is crucial to know the right keywords for your topic. They allow you to attract both new readers as well as search engine algorithms. To find the most relevant keywords, you can use one of the numerous keyword research tools available online. Mind that you should also focus on broader terms to gather a wider audience.

Ideally, it would be best to put as many keywords as possible without making your intent obvious. Similarly, you should avoid repeating the exact phrase over and over or inserting irrelevant words. Else, your article can be blocklisted for keyword stuffing.

Know The Rules

Apart from good links and the correct number of keywords, knowing the general rules of creating link-building content. First, you should treat your content as aimed at your audience and not search engines. Even though neglecting the content considering the primary goal might seem okay, it is the opposite. Search engines like Google and Bing currently use algorithms that evaluate many more elements, including content quality and user experience.

That’s also why you should stay away from spammy link-building techniques. The rule of thumb is that you use one link every few paragraphs. Additionally, the anchor text should look natural — it should flow with the text and be an integral part of it.

Find Extra Resources

As you aim to create great content, you may find it challenging to develop unique ways to convey your thoughts and ideas. But you don’t have to rely only on your knowledge when doing so. It may turn out to be tiresome even if you are a full-time writer. In such a case, why not use existing resources? For example, if you write a blog post about relaxation methods, you can cite and link to research confirming one of your ideas.

Besides, doing so may also earn you a few extra links. For example, if you present your article as a credible source on a particular topic, people may want to link to that article instead of the research you cited. Furthermore, websites hosting research papers are often on the top of search engine rankings, so you also get a free link with high domain authority.

In Conclusion

Creating content for link building is one of the most effective ways to achieve SEO success. While there seem to be countless link opportunities, you need to follow specific rules if your content is well.

Once you develop a strategy and find the niches you want to target, you should know some of the main keywords and trustworthy sites you could link. Explore them further to find suitable topics and create your content. Moreover, remember to avoid unnatural links and keyword stuffing.

Finally, if you feel that those simple link-building strategies you can run yourself aren’t enough for your business, you can always contact one of many link-building agencies online. They should be able to quickly help you get your site to the top of the rankings.

How To Create Ranking Content for Link Building

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