How to Create Perfect Product Photos

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How to Create Perfect Product Photos

Your product photos must be perfect if you want to generate as many sales as possible in your eCommerce business. Professional and eye-catching images will capture your target audience’s attention and entice your customers to purchase your products.

When a potential customer clicks on one of your web pages, they should be greeted with clean and crisp product photos alongside all relevant information about the items. Displaying your products in the best light possible will increase your sales and profits.

You can take several steps to improve your product images, and we’ll give our top tips below.

How to Create the Perfect Product Photos

Follow the steps below to create stunning product photos that impress your customers and enable you to sell products online.

Keep the Background Clear

The background of your images sets the tone and shows your products in the best way possible. Often, simplicity is key in the background of product images.

A clear and neutral background is the best option for great product photos. However, having a cluttered, messy, and bright background can distract customers from what’s most important (your products).

You are using a photo background remover during your post-production editing if you cannot take product photos with a clear background due to a lack of space for resources. This way, you can keep your images looking clear and professional to impress your customers.

Get the Lighting Right

Lighting is another essential component to consider when you’re taking product photos. Your photos should be well-lit, using natural light or artificial lighting.

Place your products at a 90-degree angle to a window if you’re using natural lighting. Use a ring light or softbox to create a bright glow across your products for artificial lighting options.

Use a High-Quality Camera

The quality of your product images depends largely on the type of camera that you use to take them. You don’t necessarily need the most expensive camera. However, it’s important to use a device that can take 4K photos to maximize the appearance and professionalism of your images.

Nowadays, most smartphones have top-quality in-built cameras,s so you may be able to use your iPhone, Google Pixel, or Android instead of a DSLR camera.

Choose Your Angles Wisely

It’s not always easy finding the best angles for your product photography. The best angles depend on the type of product that you sell and the features you want to highlight.

Close-ups are best if you want to emphasize a specific part of the product or show it’s high-quality in the most detail possible. However, wider shots will be better if your products are large and you want to focus on everything they offer.

Consider using a range of angles, including some at eye level, some from above, and some from the side. This enables your customers to get a well-rounded view of your items.

How to Create Perfect Product Photos