Email Marketing Templates That Work

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How To Create Email Marketing Templates That Will Work

Email marketing has been around for quite a while. It’s a strategy that’s here to stay because it works. As an online business owner, you should seriously consider investing in an email marketing strategy. But first, you’ll need email templates that work.

In today’s digital era, businesses have countless channels to leverage for a reasonable return on investment. For each one, businesses need an elaborate plan to target the audience with the right message. Moreover, you’ll need the services of a writing expert to ensure your message is precise.

The best part is that the best email marketing should not be expensive. Email marketing is complicated, but with access to templates that work, half of your work is done. A template helps you arrange your thoughts for a wide reach.

Email Marketing Templates That Work

Ensure The Template Design Is Responsive

For your emails to generate sales and increase customer conversions, the design of the templates has to be responsive. Presentation plays a great role in encouraging customers to open your emails.

A successful email template design is one that encourages clicks on your email list. Remember to optimize the design for mobile as more people are using their mobile devices to read mail. Single-column layouts are preferable because they load easier on smaller screens.

If you include a call to action, ensure it’s visible and easy to click on. After all, call to actions should encourage customers to take action.

Limit The Number Of Images You Use

Granted, images make almost anything attractive. But using too much on one email template can be confusing and disorienting. Besides, an image-heavy email will most definitely take longer to load.

If you want to boost your click-through rate, use just enough images, so customers don’t wait to read your email. Remember that the images have to be downloaded before a customer can view your email. Your emails might also get flagged as spam because an ideal email should have no more than 40% images.

It’s important that you test your email marketing template to find out if the ratio of text to images is right. You are actually better off with styles and descriptive text because some people block images by default.

Ensure The Design Leads Readers To Call-To-Action

Even email design to market products and services should have a call-to-action. CTAs encourage customers to take a given action. Your entire email marketing template should be geared towards pointing the reader to the call-to-action.

A great marketing email is one that has a CTA that’s hard to miss. Readers should have an easy time figuring out the purpose of your email. The size and location of your CTA matters. That also means that your message should be clear and straight to the point. When you beat around the bush, readers lose interest before they get to your call-to-action.

Begin With The Most Important Information

When readers open your email, they should see the most important information at first glance. The design should elicit curiosity, so they read on to find out more. Keeping important information above the fold means that they need not scroll down to figure out why you sent the email. The CTA should be visible at first glance as well.

Provide Links To Your Social Media Pages

Omnichannel marketing allows you to achieve a wider reach. Providing links to your social media pages helps you increase engagement and, by extension, conversion.


Email marketing plays a huge role in helping business promote the products and services. Hacking the email marketing template allows you to achieve success. Remember to optimize your template for mobile, as more people today use their mobile devices to read their emails.

Email Marketing Templates That Work

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