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How to Create Animated Videos – The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

We’re operating in a world where one video can lead to a massive social following- Mike Henry.

Change is the only constant, and the world is changing at a high pace every single day. Talking of change, one of the most significant changes that have tremendously changed the world is technology. No one aspect of our lives is not affected by technology and its boons. 

Since every aspect of our lives is touched by technology, it is not wrong to say that it has revolutionized the world of business. Everything has changed from the inception of a company to taking it to new heights and attaining success. 

If we look into the business world and how it operates, the internet holds a significant place. Besides taking a business online and letting people take leverage of all the benefits it has to offer, the internet has introduced many new ways for people to make their business grow. 

Out of all the ways to make a business grow, video marketing holds a great place. 

Video marketing

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Did you know? Incorporating a video in your marketing strategies can get you a massive return on investment? Well, that’s how it is. You must also know that videos are an authoritative source to attract more visitors and keep them engaged on your website. 

This is how a video benefits your business: 

  • Increases online presence,
  • Increases brand awareness,
  • More social media engagement,
  • Improves search engine ranking,
  • Offers excellent return on investment,
  • Helps in delivering complex information quickly,
  • And many more.

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Now that you know how a video can help you grow your business, wouldn’t you be interested in taking leverage of all the benefits it has to offer? 

So, what’s holding you back? The expense of hiring a video professional? Don’t worry!! You don’t have to break your bank. 

This article is all you need. Here, we offer you a beginner’s guide on how you can easily create an animated video yourself. 

So without any further ado, let’s roll. 

Step 1- Write a compelling video script.

Just like the blueprint of a building serves as a foundation for its construction, a stellar video script serves as a foundation for creating a video. 

Now, the task of writing a script may seem to be frightening at first, but with a little homework, things may work. 

Before you start writing the script, make it clear to yourself why you need this video, its purpose, who your target audience is, what action you want your viewers to take, and the core message you wish to deliver. 

Once you answer all the questions, try and convert the core message into a simple yet compelling story. 

Step 2- Create a storyboard.

One of the most important steps in the video creation process is creating a storyboard. It gives you a clear idea about how your video will look even before you start creating one. 

A storyboard will be great for you since you are a beginner, and it will give an exact idea about whether your video will work or not. It will allow you to make the required changes in your script and visuals to help you create the most compelling video. 

Now, if you try and create a storyboard traditionally, then it might get a bit messy. So, to make things easy, you may use online storyboarding tools like StoryBoardPro, Adobe Photoshop, etc. 

Step 3- Animate your Video

Since there are many options to choose from, deciding how to animate a video can be quite challenging, especially when each option comes with its own pros and cons. 

So, you have to be keen while choosing an option and making the best out of it. 

If you find it challenging to decide which option to go for, then you can contact professional animators by searching for them in dedicated animated video websites like Ayewind and ask them to do the needful for you. One of the best things about hiring a professional is that you never have to worry about how your video will perform. 

Step 4- Add suitable background music.

Now, who likes a cake without a cherry on top of it? No one, right? 

The same is the case with a video. Without background music, no one enjoys a video. 

When it comes to adding a piece of background music in your video, finding the right track from the list of millions of records available online becomes challenging. You must also know that most of the music tracks available online have a copyright, and if you use the same, then the owner may sue you for using their track without seeking their permission. 

You may consider these tips when choosing a piece of background music:

  • Think of the emotion you want to envoke in your audience,
  • Understand your buyer persona and choose related music,
  • Ensure that the music track you select is free from copyright,
  • Do not stick to one music track. Select a few, apply them to your video, and choose the one that suits you best. 

Step 5- Narrate the Story Well

This is the last step of creating a compelling animated video. Till this step, you have already invested a lot of time in giving the perfect touch to your video. But what now? What else can you do to make your video more powerful? 

There are two ways to tell your story through a video. The first one is through your own voice, and the second is by adding titles. Which one will you choose? 

Well, telling your story in your own voice is way more powerful and compelling. Also, it will improve the quality of your video. So, make sure you do a voice-over to give a personal touch to your video.

The Final Say

If you talk of the future, then the future is here in the form of videos. It is one of the best ways to attract your target audience, keep them engaged, and deliver your message to them in the best possible way. 

Being a newbie in video creation might make you think that it is a tough job, but with the right guidance, you can do it all. 

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you have gone through this guide, I hope you will develop a powerful, compelling video. 

Also, if you have some experience in the field, feel free to share your insights with our determined community of readers. And if you are a beginner and have a query, post the same in the comment box below. 

How to Create Animated Videos

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