How to Create an eCommerce Branding Strategy for 2022
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How to Create an eCommerce Branding Strategy for 2022

Over the last two years, the eCommerce industry has experienced exponential growth. We can all agree with that, right?

In 2021, online sales increased by 14.2 percent year over year and were expected to rise with time. It is almost a 50 percent growth from 2019, which shows how buying preferences and consumer trends are changing. This is an excellent opportunity for small and mid-range businesses as they can reach out to potential customers online and create a recognizable brand.

Given the tough competition in the digital world, getting the target audience’s attention might be challenging. However, this is where an effective e-commerce branding strategy can help you stand out and attract potential customers successfully.

Here are a few ways that you can create one for 2022 to achieve the desired results in a short time.

Identify the Visual Branding Elements

This is the first thing you should focus on when creating an e-commerce branding strategy. Think about how you want people to perceive your brand in the beginning. Once that is clear, you can choose elements such as colors, font styles, typography, and logo that highlight those traits or values. Next, graphics play an important role in influencing visitors to the website or e-commerce platform.

So you need to identify the visual elements relevant to your brand and send the right message. The logo design is one of the first things that most people will see on the web page, so it should be prominent and reflect the core values in the best way. If you want to get an appealing brand symbol for your eCommerce business, you can consider launching a custom logo design contest.  

Identifying the visual branding elements can make it easier for you to create positive perceptions in the audience’s minds. It also helps consumers understand what the brand has to offer immediately and recall the products or services later. Modcloth is one example of an e-commerce business that successfully attracts its target audience with soothing colors and attractive imagery.

Identify the Visual Branding Elements
Identify the Visual Branding Elements

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Showcase the Unique Factor

When people are browsing for options or looking through an eCommerce platform, they are most likely to choose products or avail of a service that has something unique. It can be slightly challenging to convince visitors to make a purchasing decision, given the range of choices in the e-commerce industry. This is where you can gain an advantage over the competitors by highlighting the unique factor that makes your brand the right choice.

With engaging content, visuals, and catchy headlines, it becomes easier to generate interest and keep visitors on the website for a long time. You can also highlight the benefits of a bestselling product or popular service on the home page to encourage people to take action.

Having a unique factor also boosts recognition and builds loyalty in the long run. It’s how brands like Warby Parker have attracted a wider customer base in a short time. Its website instantly tells people about the solution it offers and highlights factors like a free trial option and reasonable prices, making it different from others.

Focus on Authenticity

It is essential to be authentic and honest about the products or services so people can make a well-informed decision. By maintaining transparency, you can make an excellent first impression on new visitors and encourage them to return. Consumers expect brands to have all the relevant information on their e-commerce platform about their sources, production methods, and delivery. If you are clear about your product or service’s details and key features, you can also build a positive relationship with potential customers over time.

Authenticity is the key to an effective e-commerce branding strategy in 2022. According to a survey, 86 percent of consumers say that it is a crucial factor in deciding whether to invest in a brand or not. By including high-quality visuals, explainer or demonstration videos, and testimonials, you can make a lasting impact on your consumer base.

This can help you boost recognition with word-of-mouth marketing as well. People can share their experience with the brand on social media networks and refer the website to friends or family.

Provide Efficient Customer Support

You can incorporate a live chat option to answer questions about the product or service and prices in real-time. It is also good to respond to people via email or social media accounts. This way, you can provide a good customer experience and efficient support. It is essential to the branding strategy and might influence purchasing decisions too.

Most people prefer to interact or engage with responsive brands. Improved customer service or support helps create a positive perception in the audience’s minds and gives them an insight into your company values. You can also offer existing customers a personalized experience by reaching out to them on social media or by email.

Get their feedback about the product or service or inform them about a special offer on their next purchase.

Include Your Brand Story

This makes it easier for people to relate to your brand and build an emotional connection. So it’s a good idea to incorporate your brand story within the eCommerce platform or website. You can make a lasting impact on a potential customer and highlight the problem you want to solve. In addition, there is a higher chance of people remembering the brand later if they are familiar with the story behind it.

While some eCommerce businesses may include a short video on their home page, others might add an entire section in the navigation bar or footer. Apothekary is an example of an eCommerce brand that highlights its brand story with appealing visuals and essential information about the products.

Include Your Brand Story
Include Your Brand Story

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To Sum Up

These are some ways you can create an eCommerce branding strategy for 2022. You can try out a few of them to attract higher traffic and convert more leads quickly. It is important to establish a strong digital presence and create brand recognition so that you can expand or grow within a given time.

How to Create an eCommerce Branding Strategy for 2022

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