How to Create a More Pleasant Work Environment

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Whether you are working from an office or working from home, you can take many simple steps to create a more pleasant work environment for you and those around you. Working in a better environment can help to increase productivity and efficiency, and who couldn’t use a boost in that department? Follow these six tips to enhance your work environment.

Surround Yourself with Things You Enjoy

Photos of friends and family or pets, artwork, or cherished items can make great additions to your work environment. You don’t want to spend your time working in a bland space that may bring you down, so make sure to add some decorations—saving up to go on vacation to a tropical destination or want to visit some mountains to ski this winter? Add something related to these goals in your workspace to have a constant reminder of what you are working towards.

Make Sure It’s Comfortable

While you don’t want to get too comfortable while working where naps or dozing off becomes too tempting, make sure you are comfortable working. Invest in a comfortable chair or area to sit in, and consider investing in a convertible, standing desk to give yourself a chance to reposition yourself throughout the day.

Height adjustable standing desks will allow you to position your desk with the chair you are using correctly and again will enable you to vary between sitting and standing to get your work done throughout the day. Add pillows, blankets, and other comfort items to your work area for the most pleasant work experience and environment possible!

Adjust the Lighting

Many office areas and even rooms that serve the purpose of a work area in your home have harsh overhead lighting. Instead of having these lights on all day, utilize some desk lamps or floor lamps to soften the lighting in your work area for a more pleasant environment to work in. Also, use as much natural light that flows into your area as possible! Natural light has been proven to increase mood and productivity.

Keep the Air Clean

Create a more pleasant work environment by having clean, purified air. People spend a lot of their time in the area that they work, and you want to make sure that the air you are breathing in for these long periods is as pure as possible. Consider a smoke eater, especially if you are in a workspace affected by smoke or even smoke nearby. Machines like this can be purchased for a space as small as a home office or even for larger office spaces if that is the environment you are in. Stay healthy while you work and enjoy the air you are breathing in by adding an air purifier into the mix of your work area.

Add Some Plants

Having plants, flowers, or any greenery makes a space more appealing and pleasant. While living plants can provide more benefits, such as a pleasant scent or enhanced oxygen, you can even add artificial plants into your work area for a better aesthetic if living plants are too difficult to maintain. Studies have shown that adding plants into a workplace not only increases productivity but also decreases stress levels. Living greenery, artificial plants, or even fresh flowers every week will check the box to make your work environment a much more pleasant place to be!

Background Noise 

Some people prefer to work in silence, some prefer to work with some background noise or white noise, and some prefer to work with music playing. Unless you are a person who works best in silence, add some sound to your space. Place a white noise machine in your work environment or have an uplifting playlist of songs playing in the background throughout the day to create a more pleasant work environment.

Aid in increased productivity and a more pleasant work environment with these tips and watch your mood and work improve! Minor improvements will make a big difference so grab an air purifier, some items you love, and some that will keep you comfortable, put on some music, and get to work!

How to Create a More Pleasant Work Environment

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