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How to Choose Your eCommerce Domain Name

There are a large number of online retail sites that are vying for attention (literally millions of them). In order to make a mark for your company in this big crowd, you need to promote your brand actively. While there are many strategies to increase the brand reputation of a company, in this article we will mainly discuss the importance of domain name and how it can affect your business positively.

What is an eCommerce domain name?

In simple terms, a domain name can be best described as the address of your website. It is important because it allows your customers to access your website. A domain name is used to find and identify any computer on the Internet. In the actual process, the computer uses a string of numbers known as IP for their addresses. However, it is virtually impossible for people to remember different IP numbers of millions of websites that are hosted online. For this reason, domain names were introduced which are a combination of letters and numbers and have name extensions like.com,.net and many others. As there are a large number of companies that are selling domain addresses, it becomes difficult to choose which one you should buy for your online store. Here we will give you some tips that you can follow to get the best domain address for your online retail company.

Points to remember when selecting a domain name for your online retail site

1). Put keywords:

Keywords plays an important part in ensuring that the name of your website gets a higher ranking in any search engine generated result. You need to first find out which keywords are relevant for your eCommerce company and then try to create a title for your domain that will include that keyword. This will ensure that the search engine algorithm gives more weight to your website which will result in a higher ranking.

2). Never use complicated words:

When you are trying to create a domain name for your eCommerce company, always keep in mind that the domain name should be easy to read and not contain complex wordings. The name should give the viewer an immediate idea about what the website is all about.

3). Choose wisely on selecting the extension:

There are many extensions available which you can use with your domain name like.com,.net,.org,.co and so on. It all depends upon what kind of business you want to set up online. There are many top-level domains and you need to figure out which one of these will suit your company the most. If you are targeting specific country for eCommerce store then you should choose extension of that country only.

4). Register your domain name:

After you have selected the domain name for your online eCommerce company, the next step is to register it online. To do that, you first need to find out whether any other company has a similar domain name. If your domain name is completely unique then there is no problem, but in case there is another company with the same domain name then you should make some changes in your own domain name before registering it online. While making the changes (like adding a number or a word) make sure that the new change sounds catchy and still includes the keyword.

5). You can buy existing domain names:

If you see a very catchy domain name for sale online that fits your own eCommerce business, then you can buy it for your own company. However, we suggest  that  before you do so, you should thoroughly research the past history of the domain name. Many a time companies with bad reputation online may sell their domain name to unsuspecting clients which can then have a very negative impact on their business. Therefore do a thorough research and if you do not find any issues with the past history of the domain name, then you can buy it.

6). Choose a reputable domain registrar:

Whenever you are scouring the Internet for the perfect domain registrar, look at those companies that have good reputation in the market. Domain hosting is a very specialised with business and you need to first pick up the right company to host your company’s website so that in the future you don’t face any domain related problems.

7). Go for the right price:

Buying domain hosting rights is very expensive, therefore you should look around to find out which domain hosting service with a good reputation is offering their services at a great price. There are many companies that offer domain hosting costs in monthly, quarterly or yearly basis the option you find attractive and host your website on their platform.

8). Lock your domain name:

This is a security feature that you should enable so that your domain name is not hacked by any other company. For security reason, you should also mask your domain name so that your personal information like phone number and email addresses are not visible.

9). Opt for the auto-renew option:

While running the business many a time you may forget to renew your online hosting service. In such a case the domain registrar may delist your domain address from their server, which can affect your business adversely. Therefore, you should offer the auto-renew option so that at the time of expiry, the services would be renewed automatically.

10). Connect it to your social sites:

Social sites plays an important role in promoting your business and you will see that many times with visitor will go through your company’s Facebook account, Instagram account or Twitter account before they register with your website. Therefore, after choosing the domain name make sure to integrate it with your social websites for greater brand promotion.


If you are planning to create an eCommerce store then the first thing that comes to your mind will be Amazon, isn’t it? Make Amazon as your role model in eCommerce and then start work on it. An app like Amazon will return you beyond your expectation if every step has been taken and executed carefully.

 How to Choose Your eCommerce Domain Name


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