How to Choose the Right Yoga Studio Software

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Yoga studio owners can significantly reduce their workloads and increase profits simply by investing in yoga studio software. In the past, yoga studio managers have toiled over the multitude of tasks involved with running their yoga studio, such as scheduling classes, answering phone calls, writing newsletters, maintaining database files, and more. These tasks can take up a lot of time and effort to make sure that everything runs smoothly. This is why yoga studio software has become an essential part of Yoga Studio Management Software.

Common Features of Yoga Studio Software:

Some of the most common features of yoga studio software include the following:

  • Automated class enrolment
  • Online registration
  • Instructor reviews
  • Multiple lesson reminders
  • Course approvals
  • Billing, and more.

It is essential to consider which of these common features your yoga studio software offers before purchasing it. Consider how much time you spend on the administrative task of running your yoga studio before you consider the features of the software. You need to choose between the most useful features first before spending money on other unnecessary features that will not benefit your yoga studio at all.

Here are some of the most common features that you should look for in yoga studio software.

Easy to Set Schedules:

Yoga studio software must be easy to use. This means that the software will allow you to set up appointment schedules without the need to individually call the offices of each instructor. Another essential feature is that the software should allow you to create your schedule. Most software products provide instructors with various scheduling options and allow users to modify the schedule using text or voice commands. Also, ensure that the software product you purchase allows you to create your practice schedule using an easily customized table.

All-in-One Search Function:

administrators often have a variety of administrative work that they need to do regularly. However, Yoga Studio Management Software should be easy to understand and operate. The best software products have simple yet effective navigation and all-in-one search functions. The best products also provide search functions that provide a list of all the classes currently available, the duration for each class, what yoga studio management policies are in place, as well as what reminders you have to keep reminding yourself to pick up your clothes, toys, or other necessities before class.

Comprehensive Online Scheduling Module:

Administrators want their yoga studio scheduling software to be easy to use. For example, many online scheduling products have a single navigation panel that will not only allow you to make changes to your class schedule but print out the schedule for you or review it online anytime you would like. Most all-in-one scheduling software products will provide a comprehensive online scheduling module complete with detailed class descriptions, instructor profiles, photos, contact information, and much more.


It is also important to consider how user-friendly the software product is when looking for the Best Yoga Studio Management Software. Most offer several key features, including customizable workout calendars, the ability to enter workout goals, email notification of schedule changes, the ability to grade classes, track attendance, and much more. You also want to consider how flexible the software is. Can it be customized? Is it scalable? Can it be updated?

Client Management Platform:

Finally, yoga management software should include some ability to connect with your database of clients. Some programs include a client management platform that allows you to enter and update your yoga studio customers’ contact information. This is essential so that you can manage your sales, reservations, email addresses, sales tax obligations, and other important customer data.


Most yoga studio software programs come with scheduling features, such as creating and managing an email list, sending out mass email campaigns, and tracking visitor activity and conversions. Other tools include marketing and branding options, like integrating website widgets and social media into the software.

Many yoga studio software programs like Wellyx also come with a large database of yoga studios and allow users to share information with other yoga studios on the web. Some yoga studio software also has a feature that allows yoga instructors to profile and post their yoga studio information, which can also be sent out to their contacts or be displayed publicly.

How to Choose the Right Yoga Studio Software

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