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To start with, the eCommerce hosting service is hosting services to allocate space on the internet to run your store. Compared to regular hosting, eCommerce hosting also provides some additional tools such as registration, credit card information, security, etc., which we will be discussing further in this article.

While running an eCommerce business, there are lots of things to be taken care of. But the two most important factors are your eCommerce Store and your Customer. Which also happens to rely on one single aspect of your site. The eCommerce hosting.

In this article, you will be getting an in-depth insight into

  • What is the importance of good eCommerce hosting?
  • What should you consider while choosing a hosting for your eCommerce?
  • What are the types of eCommerce hosting?
  • Best eCommerce Hosting for your Business
  • Bonus take away

What is the importance of good eCommerce hosting?

Before jumping to the conclusion of choosing the best eCommerce hosting for your business, you shall also know the importance of good eCommerce hosting and how it helps your business. To learn more about new eCommerce Trends.

Fairly, your whole business would be relying on your hosting, so understand why you should invest in good hosting compared to cheap hosting.

No downtime

For you, your site and your business can be everything that you think about. But for your customer, it’s just another site on the internet. If your site experiences a regular downtime at a regular interval, it can create a false impression on your customer base.

If a customer finds that your site is down multiple times, he or she might not even try to visit your store next time. Hence, good service makes sure that there is no downtime in your store.

Better Performance

The Internet and user’s are all about speed. The faster your site loads, the better customer experience it is. Also, the speed shouldn’t compromise the quality of your product images and your store’s design.

Even Google prefers a quick, engaging, and responsive site no matter what time it is or how many active users are on the site. If your site has good speed, Google will also give you a higher ranking in the search results. Ultimately means higher visitors and higher conversion.

Build trust within your customer

Would you purchase from a site that is loading at a very slow speed and looks shady? Chances are, no, you won’t.

But have you visited a site ranking high in google searches and allowed you to easily swift between the pages and make a purchase? In this scenario, chances are you would spend time on this site and may even make a purchase.

The same goes for your store, your website is the face of your eCommerce, and it should make people trust for a good reason to sell your products online.

Allow Scalability

If you choose the best eCommerce hosting for your business, chances are you would grow your business and would likely be ready to scale your business. The good thing here is that when your eCommerce hosting service is good, they will assist you with your scalability. No matter what plan you have, you would always be able to upgrade it in no time with complete assistance and support.

Ease of Shopping

The conclusion of all your effort, investment, and work is to make your customer buy from you. No matter which eCommerce hosting service you go for, if your customer doesn’t have the ease to shop in your store, it’s time you switch it.

Now ease of shopping could be anything that we discussed regarding your site’s speed, trust on your site, personal information security, and much more. So the best eCommerce hosting service is the one that has your back with all the issues your customer may have and resolve them before even your notice.

What should you consider while choosing a hosting for your eCommerce?

eCommerce, in general, is being a comparative space to get more customers. And as you have understood that choosing the best eCommerce hosting service for your business is the foundation stone of all your efforts. The better you choose, the lesser trouble you would have to face while selling your product online.

But to sell products online successfully and grow your eCommerce, you need to choose the right eCommerce hosting. Hence, to make it easy for you, you shall always consider the following points before choosing your business’s best eCommerce hosting. 


Security is a must. Not just your off-site data but also the data of your customers. Data while making a transaction, the customer’s data should be end-to-end encrypted, and no one should use that data. Hence to make this happen, your site needs a digital Certificate, SSL.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which secures your site from any data loss. You can identify this by observing the URL of the site. If it has an “HTTP” extension, the site is not secure, whereas if it has “HTTPS,” the site is secure.

You can also find a lock symbol, showing that your data is secure.


Sometimes purchasing the best eCommerce hosting service isn’t the end. Yow may come across a query or may face an issue on your site. In that case, the eCommerce hosting service’s support team plays a vital role in helping you out.

A good eCommerce hosting service should have a 24/7 support team ready to help you out as soon as your site faces any issues. If your hosting has a responsive support team, any issue that your site may face could be resolved within an hour.

Hence make sure that the eCommerce hosting service has a dedicated support team for your help in case of emergency.

Monthly Traffic

Before you choose the best eCommerce hosting service and start working on bringing traffic to your store, you shall also have an estimated goal. Not just to divert your efforts but also to choose the right hosting plan for your store.

In the beginning, going with the basic plan is recommended. Still, if you already have an eCommerce store running, you shall choose to host service according to the monthly traffic it can easily handle.

Web transfer service

If your eCommerce store is already and it’s time you wish to switch your plan or your entire eCommerce hosting service, there should be a Web transfer service for your help. This will help you out moving large files easily and effectively without losing any of your important data.

Mobile friendly

Mobiles users have drastically increased web surfing and purchasing from online stores. Hence your store needs to perform well on mobiles. In doing so, your eCommerce hosting service plays a critical role.

Hence you must make sure that the hosting that you are choosing is mobile friendly and doesn’t take any effort for a customer to reach out to you when using smartphones.


What happens if you lose all your data or website due to some wrong update or hacking? If you don’t have a backup, you may have to face a huge loss, and you may lose many of your customers.

Hence to eliminate this problem, your hosting must keep a regular backup of your site onto another service if anything goes wrong. It should also be easy for you to access and call out your backup whenever something goes wrong.

Types of eCommerce hosting

As you now know what you should consider while choosing the best eCommerce hosting service, it’s important to understand the type of eCommerce hosting you need.

There are three types of eCommerce hosting, and they are as follow:

Shared Hosting

If you are starting and don’t have much investment, you can go with shared hosting. In this, you share a common server with others. This again lets you run your site freely but couldn’t handle many users at the same time.

You can start your eCommerce journey with shared hosting as it won’t cost a lot and would give you an opportunity whether you need a better hosting type or it would be sufficient.

Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated hosting, you have a whole server working for by your side. This allows you to install your own applications and configure them as per your wish. Also, as you have a complete server isolated for your own store, the loading time is not an issue.

Moreover, when you go with dedicated hosting, you also get much more security and space for our files and customer data. It is more expensive than shared hosting, but you can go with dedicated hosting if you have an established eCommerce store.

Cloud Hosting

Finally, cloud hosting for large companies such as Google and Amazon, which operate at a global level and have a tone of data to share and receive. Unlike shared and dedicated hosting, cloud hosting has multiple servers, holding similar security and quick accessibility data. These are very expensive hosting and mostly not for growing eCommerce.

5 Best eCommerce hosting for your business

After understanding everything you need to know before choosing the best eCommerce hosting service for your business, it’s time you choose the best for you. To help you do so, we have listed down the 7 best options you can choose from.

Following are the most trusted and well-performing hosting services that you can use. Hence, without wasting time, let’s have a look at the 5 best eCommerce hosting services for your business.

Site Ground

SiteGround is among the best eCommerce hosting service providers, known to have reliable and efficient service for all the users. When it comes to speed, the GrowBig plan has surprisingly had a response time of 13.9ms. Talking about the load time, it can load your website 4 times faster than usual.

It is also worth noting that the Site ground has had no downtime since 2014, the time that it was started.  This means it is giving 100% uptime to all the users no matter what plan you choose.

Even the basic plan comes with daily backup and 7-day cloud backup to ensure your data’s safety and security. Moreover, it has a straightforward installation of eCommerce tools such as Woocommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop, which can help.

Blue Host

If you are starting your new eCommerce business and looking for a cheap yet the best eCommerce hosting service provider, you can rely on BlueHost; It has the cheapest shared hosting plan for about $2.75 monthly(three-year contract). But “cheap” isn’t the only reason to include BlueHost in this list.

You get unlimited Bandwidth, which means the server can handle many users on your site without any issue. The fast SSD server gives you an astonishing response time.

Other than this, you also get 24/7 support for your hosting and site along with that free SSL certificate. If you are still thinking about BlueHost, you should also know that it is a WordPress recommended hosting service, which means you don’t have anything to worry about.


It is a hosting service which is known for its speed. Normally, it offers a response time of 173.2ms. But if you go with Turbo Account, the time drops to 149ms. In addition to all this, you get fast loading due to the SSD server, which is about 30% faster than normal.

Also, the unlimited bandwidth serves you to propose a wider audience and serve them with faster speed. In addition to the unlimited count of the features, you have unlimited email addresses, subdomain, addon Domain, and parked domain.

Lastly, if you have an already running eCommerce store, A2Hosting helps you with free migration and DNS management, making it among the best eCommerce hosting service providers to go for.

WP Engine

Next on this list of best eCommerce hosting services is the WP Engine itself. It is among the most popular service providers, especially for WordPress sites. The prices are on the higher end for the new sites, but if you are running a pre-established Woocommerce store, the Wp engine is for you by all means.

It comes with a global CDN ( Content Delivery Network) and a free theme. Talking about this eCommerce hosting service uptime, it has given 100% uptime constantly in past years and gives a guarantee to have 99.95% uptime in the future.

As we said, it is the best eCommerce hosting service for pre-established sites; it comes with an easy staging system. Which essentially means making a clone of your website. Here you can easily experiment with a new plugin, theme, or other changes before making it to the live site to eliminate any interruption.


The final on this list of the best eCommerce hosting services is iPage. Speaking of which, it is not available in all the world areas and mainly focused on the US. 

The basic hosting plan offers more than any other hosting provider. Moreover, as it is focused on new eCommerce, it comes with awe-inspiring features that can come really handy.

It comes with easy store design themes, Paypal integration for taking payments, and shopping cart integration. Along with which you also get the free domain for the first year. Making it among the best options to start your eCommerce journey with.

Some recognized and popular eCommerce hosting service providers are DreamHost, Inmotion, Hostinger, and Hostgator. Other than this, if you want to learn more, we highly recommend you read.

Your final Take away.

Above, you have finally cracked how you can choose the best eCommerce hosting service for your eCommerce. Everything you need and everything you should look for in hosting is clearly mentioned. And no matter what your niche is and what products you are selling, having a hosting service that focuses on your customer and your ease of work is the best for you.

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