How to Choose DVD to MP4 Software

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How to Choose DVD to MP4 Software


In an era where streaming is the norm, DVD players make less sense, and DVD drives haven’t been included on new Macs for several years. And do you want to spend time working with discs when you can watch movies with just a few taps on the screen?

But many of you have invested heavily in discs over the years. So what should you do with your physical drives to create a solid entertainment library that you can easily browse?

The simplest solution would be to rip these DVDs to MP4 format, which is compatible with many devices, before optical drives are completely gone. So, see below how to choose a good DVD to MP4 software.

The 5 Criteria to Choose a Good DVD to MP4 Software

There are many conversion software that works similarly. Therefore, it is hard to choose the best DVD to MP4 converter. But to choose a reliable DVD to MP4 converting software, you should look for some criteria.

Installing software is the first thing we do before even starting to convert. So, always choose software that is easy to install. If you find that the software takes way too much time to install, then do not use the software.

Below are the five criteria for choosing DVD conversion software.

1.    Easy To Use Software

The easy-to-use program can be used by absolutely anyone, even without technical education so choose a software that is easy to use.

2.    Conversion Speed

Choose a tool that will be able to extract the movie from the DVD as quickly as possible. The fast processing technology helps you to speed up the process without affecting your computer with overheating. This is crucial, especially if you have plenty of DVD collections to rip.  

3.    File Format Supported

When choosing software, always determine if the software can convert the DVD to another format, such as MP4, AVI, FLV, etc. Likewise, by converting the DVD and transferring it to another format, you will be able to watch the movie in the player you want, on your mobile device or tablet, be it Android or iOS.

4.    Output Quality

One of the criteria while choosing a DVD to MP4 software is conversion quality. While converting a DVD file to an MP4 file, many tools drop the video quality. So, choose software that will not lose the quality of the video.

5. Support System

Software developer support is very important, especially when a user is facing a problem. How to contact the support team (email, call, chat, etc.), how fast they can respond, and how knowledgeable the support personnel is also important.

Recommended DVD to MP4 Software

In this regard, this article aims to provide information on choosing a good DVD to MP4 software we are giving our recommendation. With any of these DVD to MP4 converters, a backup collection of your movies can be done quickly.

1.    WinX DVD Ripper Platinum for Windows

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum offers many options for video and audio conversion. The application can read files in numerous popular and not-so-popular formats, including AVI, MPG, WMV, SWF, MKV, and MP4, and convert them to formats compatible with various portable devices.

The program copes with any DVDs, including non-standard/protected and with scuffs. In addition, the software contains many ready-made conversion presets, DVD cloning, and the creation of an ISO image based on it, bypassing all copy protection methods, including Disney’s 99 Title, CSS, etc. is supported.

Finally, a nice bonus is the presence of a convenient built-in video editor in the program, which allows you to perform such operations as cropping, cropping, adjusting sound parameters, and adding subtitles.


2.    MacX DVD Ripper Pro For Mac OS X

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is well regarded as the best DVD ripper for Mac with its powerful built-in DVD decoder that can remove DVD copy protection and link DVD content to MP4 or other formats.

It accepts any DVD, from old discs, new release DVDs, workout DVDs, multi-title discs, and TV series DVDs, and can even read many damaged/unplayable DVDs no matter what encryption they are protected.

You can rip DVD to MP4, MOV, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Mac, Apple TV, and more than 350 preset profiles. This DVD ripper is also updated frequently to provide a reliable ability to decrypt the latest releases of DVDs.

After installing the MacX DVD Ripper Pro, you can rip DVDs on Mac and turn DVDs into MP4 digital copies to adapt to any screen in three steps.



Don’t let your favorite DVD movies waste them in plastic prisons. Ripping your DVDs to MP4, again focusing on purchased DVDs, will create a compact library of favorite movies that can be watched on Mac, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Plex, Apple TV, etc. anywhere, anytime.

Choosing a reliable DVD ripper is a must to reduce your hassle when using the software to help you rip your DVD collection effortlessly. For more information on different multimedia software reviews, visit

How to Choose DVD to MP4 Software