How to Choose a Font for Your eCommerce Brand
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How to Choose a Font for Your eCommerce Brand

Font types might seem a small part of the whole world of marketing; experts say and advise that investing your attention in the right type of font can excel your brand. Since most customers encounter a brand’s presence in the market as an option in a written form of communication, fonts play a significant role.

If you are not a typography nerd, you do not need to worry and panic about this stuff. There are plenty of designers who are professionals and know eCommerce Web Design. Also, they can offer the best visual that will convey the message to your eCommerce brand.

Comprehending ‘identities.’

We will be discussing two identities here to have an idea better. The first one is ‘brand identity. It is certainly not a question of philosophy that philosophers have been trying to seek the answers for ages about ‘who am I?’ but it is a simple description of a brand in which it would like to be recognized. Putting it another way is that if your brand was a person, how would you describe them in a word or two? It is all about thinking adjectives for your brand. That’s it! That is the brand identity we are talking about. You can say you would like your brand to be known for its integrity or class, elegance or approachability, boldness, masculinity or delicacy, and femininity. This is not as easy as it sounds. A brand might offer a plethora of products but might want an image as a whole in a certain way that gets highlighted in its advertising campaigns and becomes its identity in the long run.

Once you get your brand identity right, please create a logo like a professional; it is time to find its match. Every font design has its purpose of serving. It is not designed that way only because it looks cool individually. Still, if used in the wrong place for a wrong brand, it would cause harm to the brand identity in unidentifiable ways by conveying the wrong message. Which brand serves what purpose to serve and message to disseminate will be discussed below.

Long-lasting and legibility

This step is mainly for the center of the brand’s identity that is a logo. While pamphlets, advertisements, newsletters, etc., can change their designs and tell what they want to say over time, a logo is not often changed for a reputed brand. This is because changing the font implies the erasure of the memory of a brand from the customer, and hence it happens in the rarest of rare cases or unless the whole brand is being rebranded into something else. That’s why choosing the right type of fonts and sticking to them is actually necessary. It will leave a long-lasting impression as in human minds; visuals have more sustainability than anything else. The font might be anything, a simple Sans serif one or a decorative one with continuous strokes. Whatever the brand chooses the image it wants to be associated with, the main thing to be focused on is that it should not become impressive after some time to change it.

Visual Communication

The above two steps are about choosing the right type of font, and this step is about what to choose. The first font types are the most usual ones used, while the other three also carry their own adjectives that a brand wants to be recognized as.

Serif fonts

When we see the ‘ancient’ typographic font of the well-known logo of the newspaper The New York Times, it certainly wants us to perceive some things about the publication. Serif fonts denote integrity and tradition.

 Script fonts

The use of script font implies style, elegance, gracefulness, femininity, playful, pretentious, or vivid. The most popular social media platform used to showcase your pictures (yes, you guessed it right – Instagram ) uses the same font.

Decorative fonts

Since classifications cannot clip creativity, one can design any decorative piece into the font and introduce them unless they add meaning to the brand identity and convey some message, not just the visual burden on the viewers’ eyes. It can be as simple as lines drawn between the letters written in the Alphabet logo of IBM to designer fonts used in a website’s logo to denote its art field.

How to Choose a Font for Your eCommerce Brand

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