How to Change the Units in WooCommerce Website in 2022

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How to Change the Units in WooCommerce Website in 2022

After WooCommerce entered the market, all the light was gone, and it still shines with a bright future. This is WooCommerce training for people from all walks of life. No problem for creative nerds; this post is for everyone who lives for success.

WooCommerce is a free shopping cart plugin that can be downloaded and used on WordPress websites. However, running an online store is not accessible as there will be costs associated with hosting and special fees, including advertising, design, branding, marketing, and advertising costs.

With WooCommerce, you can manage your research and be notified when it’s time to upgrade your products. In addition, it will help to expand the idea of ​​e-commerce business with numerous plugins like WooCommerce variable pricing. Finally, WooCommerce also allows you to provide your customers with reviews.

But to achieve these and many other benefits, you need to set up WooCommerce properly, which is a problem that many beginners face. This guide will walk you through setting up this eCommerce plugin.

We show you more specific countries where you want your products and services shipped. You learn how to add objects, numbers, and combinations. We will help you, among other things, set payment methods and set the currency.

WooCommerce Setting

To start setting up your rankings, first, you need to log into your WordPress dashboard. Once logged into your WordPress dashboard, go to WooCommerce > setting.

Here you find the templates for many of the components to be installed: general, products, shipping, payment, accounts & privacy, email, integrations, and advanced. There are eight options in total.

General Setting

Here you need to provide the store address, set some general options, and choose the currency options.

  • Store Address

Tell them the address of your store or office; enter a city name, select a country, and add a mail number.

  • General Options

Select the countries in which you offer your services. If you provide your services worldwide, use the disadvantages (Sell worldwide).

  • Currency Options

Scroll down and work on your financial options. The financial position decides where you want the currency symbol to display.

After this process, click the “Save Changes” button and go to the “Product” tab.

Products Related Setting

You find three other options here: General, Inventory, and Downloadable Products under the Products tab. These options allow you to set information and opportunities associated with specific product types.

#1. General

  • Shop pages

You don’t need to change anything on the Store page.

  • Measurements

In the “Measurements” section, two other options are available: “Units of weight” and “Units of measurement.” The weight gauge decides whether you want to display the weight of your products in kg, g, or others. The size depends on how you want to show most of your products.

  • Reviews

If you allow product reviews, customers will be able to provide information about your products, whether good or bad. In addition, a good amount of reviews can increase the sales of your products, so it is best to implement this option in your store.

#2. Inventory

Since you need to manage your inventory, you should check the “Enable Inventory Management” box.

WooCommerce popups will appear when your product will be released and when your product will be out of stock. These notifications will be sent to the email you select from the ‘Notification Recipient’ box.

Select the number of items for minimum sale and share data.

In addition, you can also hide products from the list that are not available, and you can also show the number of products available.

#3. Downloadable Products

Downloadable products mean digital products such as photos, Photoshop presets, software, music, and more. Take advantage of the disadvantages. You don’t need to change anything regarding the product being downloaded.


WooCommerce is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best eCommerce solution for WordPress. Externally, the plugin contains detailed data. However, it’s only when you delve into the plugin’s many options that you’ll see its true power.

How to Change the Units in WooCommerce Website in 2022