How to Capture Quality Leads: Pro Tips

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How to Capture Quality Leads: Pro Tips

Marketers work increasingly hard to drive traffic to their website, from PPC ads, SEO, and even social media campaigns.  

However, the leads that they generate might not bring real conversions every time. 

Now that’s the real challenge!

The answer does not lie in more leads; it lies in better-quality leads. 

Capturing leads is all actions that turn regular website visitors into leads. It’s often done by filling in certain forms (lead capture forms) or via other tools to capture data on a website. 

That way, a website “knows” who is just a regular visitor and a lead. If you are willing to explore this topic a bit more, make sure to read our guide.

What Exactly Are Leads?

In simple terms, leads are website visitors who have left some of their information on your website in one or several lead capture forms that you have set up. 

It can be anything – from simply asking for their email address to providing detailed information about themselves, such as full name, date of birth, country of residence, current address, and many more. 

When capturing leads, make sure not to ask for a lot of information. Many people will be reluctant to fill in their data and leave the website if it seems too “pushy.” 

The simplest ways can be the most effective – providing an email address can be sufficient.

Once you capture leads, you will have a list of leads to work with. You can also provide them with helpful information to entice them to either subscribe to your services, purchase a product, or use it to form business deals with you.

People who agree to leave some of their information or make a “contact” with your website are potential clients or customers, and capturing them should be your primary goal.

Some of the Best Ways to Capture Quality Leads

Naturally, it’s in your interest to capture quality leads. A quality lead is a person who is the most likely to interact with your website and become your customer. 

It’s the way most online businesses work today, and it’s the best way to start selling your services or products to a broader audience.

You can use some tried-and-tested ways to capture as many quality leads as possible. For instance, you can always:

  • Clarify Your Call-to-Action Button

Visitors often do not sign up with their email addresses because they are unsure what they’ll be getting in return. This is where the clarity of a CTA button shows.

If your sign-up block says something like “Sign up for updates” or “Sign up to learn more,” then it’s time you revamp your call-to-action button and ensure that visitors know what they’re getting in return. 

For instance: a CTA button that converts would look like- “To get a free 30-day trial for our new online Project Manager tool, Sign up here.”

  • Asking for Referrals Might Not Be a Bad Idea! 

Here, the idea is to ask your customers to refer a friend to your website. It might seem “too simple,” but it will get you potential leads and customers. 

The more customers you have, the better this tactic works.

  • Direct Followers to Your Website Through Social Media

Once you are done beefing up your call-to-action button, you need to start refining your social media results. 

Quality lead generation is one of the primary goals of social media, and you should regularly review your social media campaigns to determine if they effectively lead your followers to your website or not. 

It would be best if you nurtured a seamless connection between your social media presence and websites by posting blog content on your social media and running giveaways and contests, but offer some extra incentive for people who sign up on your website. 

  • Look at Websites That Can Work Well With Your Products/Services

People rarely purchase one item only – they often need to have something else to “seal the deal.” 

If your product can help someone using a similar product, make sure to capture them as a lead. Chances are they will purchase your products as well. 

Your goal is to use every strategy possible to get as many leads as you can. It will increase your business’ growth potential and help you acquire many future customers.

  • Skip Extremely Detailed Lead Capture Forms

Lead capture forms should ideally be short and non-aggressive so that the website visitors can feel secure when filling them in. 

Most will skip through them or ignore them completely, but you can’t turn every visitor into a lead, and that’s perfectly fine.

It would be best to do everything you can not to drive the website visitors away from your website. 

However, certain things can potentially make them exit your website and search for something else instead. For instance:

  • Asking for specific personal information – Website visitors have no idea if your website is a scam or not, especially if it’s their first time there. Asking for their address, date of birth, full name, etc., can make them leave your website instantly.
  • Annoying the visitors – Some lead-generating methods and tactics can be highly annoying. Avoid everything that isn’t simple and interesting. 

One incredible way of acquiring quality leads is by introducing lead generation quizzes.

  • Deploy Quizzes for Quality Lead Generation

One of the best ways to acquire quality leads is by using an online quiz that the visitors will complete. The quiz will need to be interesting, of course, for the visitors to attempt it.

Using a lead generation quiz maker can help you out with that.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Create a well-designed quiz – People should love to attempt the quiz, so draft interesting outcomes with engaging questions and a very catchy title.
  • Conduct a quiz about your products and services – Asking the people about the services and products. Even better, ask for their opinion on what you should be aiming at.
  • Organize the quiz to feel natural – Use simple methods to make the quiz seem natural and interesting. It will build interest in your product and help you out with this one.

Quizzes and other gamification techniques are some of the best ways of acquiring quality leads.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different options to find what works best for you, and your audience responds well. It will take a bit of time, but it will pay off in the long run. 


Having a method of capturing online leads with quizzes, different information collection methods, as well as referrals from loyal customers, can take your business to a whole new level. 

As a website owner, you should use different tactics and tools to determine which method consistently gives you the best results.  

Remember that your lead generation tools should not drive the customers away from your website. Good luck with this one!

How to Capture Quality Leads: Pro Tips