How to Build Brand Presence on Amazon
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How to Build Brand Presence on Amazon

Amazon continues to amaze on with its effect on the eCommerce world. What started as a small online bookstore in the US has grown globally, serving multiple product and service requirements. In the B2C segment, this growth has been the product of meticulous planning and implementation of the Amazon marketplace. In addition, the company aims to enable enthusiastic online entrepreneurs to experience their own Amazon-like growth story with its facility. And its dedication towards that end has led to nearly 10 million global sellers participating in it. 

If you’re one such seller looking to make it big on the platform by building your brand, that number may dampen your spirits. It shows the competition you are against when trying to sell your products and rake in the profits. The fact that the number of shoppers purchasing online is increasing may come as encouraging news to you. But it’s a double-edged sword as it means you’re under more pressure to perform and capture a greater share of that number. To add to that, it’s no longer sufficient only to build your brand on the platform. It would be best if you ventured beyond it to expand your branding opportunities. 

Thus, you have to put your best foot forward constantly to win at your Amazon branding game and build your presence on the platform. It’s no easy task, but many ways to beat the odds and succeed. Please continue reading to get acquainted with the many measures sellers on Amazon take to rise above the competition and consolidate their brand value in their old and new customers’ minds. 

The Benefits Of Building Your Brand On Amazon 

The Benefits Of Building Your Brand On Amazon 
The Benefits Of Building Your Brand On Amazon

When starting your Amazon venture journey, the first question is, “Why do I need to build a brand on Amazon?” After all, with its large pool of potential buyers, there is sure to be someone who will buy your products for merely being listed. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Anonymous listings do not perform well in the marketplace for various reasons. 

By establishing a brand, you counter those issues and gain the following advantages: 

  • Credibility 

The primary issue in posting anonymous product listings is a lack of credibility. Customers need reassurance that they buy from a recognized and dependable seller. Your brand name provides that much-needed credibility. It could be more influential for consumers than competitive pricing and convenience. 

If you have a reputed brand, you offer the reliability prospects needed to compel them to convert. If you combine your brand story with impeccable product quality/service, your brand becomes a powerful one that competitors will have a hard time beating. 

  • Easy Market Expansion

Once you’ve established a solid brand presence in your target market, it becomes easy to go beyond. This is because of your reputation preceding you. With Amazon being global, consumers in one market can likely come across a reputable brand. The platform’s algorithms prefer stores with good sales numbers for organic promotion in search results. Good sales figures and a strong brand name go together, enabling your brand’s promotion in search results in new markets. Your ads also help as the algorithm also promotes ads of well-performing brands.

The other big factors influencing the algorithm and increasing market expansion are amazon listing optimization and the positive feedback you receive. In addition, the professional outlook and trust these factors develop help improve brand reputation in the present market. 

So, if you have a strong brand presence, you already have the metaphorical red carpet rolled out for you to walk on while expanding into new markets. You don’t have to put in much effort to make yourself known in the new region, thus saving precious resources. You only need some localization of your product lineup and audience-appropriate messaging, and you are good to go. 

  • Brand Loyalty

A consequence of good brand credibility is gaining the loyalty of your customers. Whether first-time buyers, returning customers, or random prospects, a good brand experience makes them want to come back. When customers continue to buy from your Amazon business, you are getting returns with only the initial marketing investment. Thus, brand loyalty is your ticket to high ROI and Low ACoS, and your customers’ free marketing via word-of-mouth and other networking methods. 

  • Market Leadership

If you continue to build your brand on Amazon to become one of the top sellers in your niche, you will open the door to a world of possibilities. Besides the wide customer base and loyal fans, you get to set standards that your peers must follow. 

You can create new trends that work in your favor and command higher prices for your offerings. You instill more confidence in your customers and prospects about your ability to deliver on their expectations. This positive outlook further spurs market capture and demand, raising your brand value and repeating the growth process. It consolidates your market position more firmly. 

  • Better Supplier/Vendor Relationships

If you are a seller outsourcing your product manufacturing to an external entity, then your relationship with them determines how well you sell. They need to be able to trust you to sell the number of products as promised for them to take the risk of producing them. A clogged inventory where you are not purchasing the promised quantity from them can lead to supplier/vendor issues, disrupting your business in many ways. 

With a strong brand presence in the market, your vendors/suppliers can trust you to procure the contracted quantity as they know you can sell them. Moreover, a market leadership position means you can direct their business into new territory by ordering innovative products. And they are more likely to invest in their business to churn out said product as they can also rely on your brand identity to sell them. Hence, you establish a smooth functioning, mutually beneficial relationship with them.

  • Skill Upgrade/Experience

The more you work on your branding, the more you learn about your target market, competitors, strengths, and weaknesses. Naturally, new entrepreneurs benefit the most from this. However, that doesn’t mean established sellers can’t pick up something new along the way. 

Branding activities are a great exercise in establishing better market understanding. Enlisting the help of an expert like an Amazon VA can give you the necessary guidance to learn about the best ways to do it and the mistakes to avoid.

A loaded list of advantages like this gives you the edge you need to outdo the stiff competition in the marketplace. As a result, your business gets the thrust it needs to earn profits continuously and maintain a competitive edge that provides a clear path to strong sales figures.

4 Proven Ways To Build Your Brand Presence On Amazon

These are some measures you can take to realize a rewarding brand identity on Amazon.

  • Strategize According To Market Demand

A marketing strategy aligned with prevalent trends attracts shoppers and popularizes your brand. They will know that they can count on you to deliver what they need for the moment, and this will make your brand a trending one. 

One example is audience-based targeting, where you market according to the audience’s level of awareness regarding your brand. The ads can be altered according to the stage of the marketing funnel your target audience is in. More efforts can go towards addressing those unaware of your brand, and less marketing would be needed for consumers who know more about your brand and are closer to converting. This helps balance budget distribution. The other is account-based marketing, where you target those who can purchase your products and are likely to convert. 

You need to have accurate customer and market data to succeed at creating such a strategy. In addition, it must be renewed regularly to retain its market relevancy. Considering the volume of data (and the subsequent time and effort) involved, it is best accomplished with the help of an Amazon virtual assistant. They can manage your customer/market data processing remotely so that you can reallocate your resources to your core business. 

  • Run PPC and PAT Ad Campaigns

Pay-per-click or PPC ads are the gold standard for advertising online. With just one click/touch, they deliver your intended target directly to your landing pages. You can achieve great brand visibility through PPC ads on Amazon’s main page and elsewhere. 

These could be single-tile ads, banners, carousels, or short gifs. The ads work best with the right keywords, images, brand themes, and creativity to help them stand apart. You must also know how to utilize the Amazon bidding system. Bid for the keywords and ad slots you think will deliver the best results in the shortest time. 

You could also bid on ASIN, categories, or another product attribute to get your required ad space. The ads you create like this are called Product Attribute Targeting (PAT). Here, your intended prospect gets ads highlighting one or a few features of a product they are seeking. Adding other benefits like a lower price than your competition, gifts/freebies, etc., boosts your product’s uptake. You can use this strategy to ride on the success of your competitors by making your ad appear alongside theirs when people search for products with particular traits. 

  • Thoroughly Optimize Your Listings

Higher product ranking on search results pages is a sure-fire way to convince prospective customers that you are the brand they should approach. This ubiquitous presence is achieved by implementing a well-researched and customized SEO strategy. It starts with selecting the appropriate keywords for your product descriptions and placing them in spots that the algorithm prefers. The same goes for product images. 

They should be edited using the latest photo retouching and enhancement techniques to reflect the products’ best features from every angle. The product’s title and description should be informative yet succinct, written in a format that’s easy to read and understand. It should contain separate segments for different types of information, bullet points, space for variant images, etc. Since effective listing management involves so much, enlisting the help of a content writing virtual assistant can prove effective here. 

SEO can be extended to your ad campaigns too. For example, using relevant keywords in your PPC ads will prioritize them over others and display them prominently.

The type of products you list also helps with SEO, making your listing more relevant to the overall market demand. Positive reviews and ratings help push your products up the rankings, too, so do the needful to get more of them. And don’t forget to periodically review your SEO strategy as updates are constantly being made to the Amazon search algorithm. An SEO virtual assistant can easily and proficiently handle the necessary listing optimization functions to improve your rankings. 

  • Go With Social Selling

Amazon has attempted to replicate the sales-generating power of social media sites by introducing facilities like Amazon Live and Amazon Posts. They are similar to live streams and Instagram posts, respectively. Leverage these to spread the word about your brand on Amazon. The best part is they are free, so you don’t have to worry about additional expenses. With these, you can enhance a consumer’s brand experience and feel, aiding brand retention and engagement (via interactions through various means).

Using other social media options is also a prerequisite to achieving widespread branding success. From ads on different platforms to directly addressing customer feedback, they help customers engage with your brand in ways that make them feel involved. In addition, they can spread your brand name and enhance its image among their network through recommendations and reviews, giving you free publicity. 

The platforms are also great for running your referral, affiliate, and influencer marketing programs. You can also use them to make announcements and run sales/special offers and activities for added engagement. 

You may come across other branding means on your seller journey. Be on the lookout for novel technologies and changing trends that you can leverage. Adapt your messaging and offering accordingly, and your brand will stay on the top.


Marketing for an Amazon brand is an exciting but arduous undertaking that contains unexpected twists at every turn. You should be prepared at all times to adapt quickly while keeping your business objectives and timeline intact. Exploiting the various marketing avenues available to the fullest with an exhaustive, cost-effective, and efficient strategy yields optimal outcomes. Your customers will easily recognize your brand and go for your products to recreate the great experience you repeatedly offer, pushing up sales and ROI while reducing your ACoS. 

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Sophie Hayes is an eCommerce consultant and a keen blogger. She holds eleven years of experience in SEO, eCommerce PPC, online website, marketplace & store optimization, and performance management. She is currently engaged with Team4eCom in the USA. In addition, she has written articles and contributed posts to several websites. Her most-written niche includes eCommerce store setup, SEO, social media marketing, listing optimization, marketplace-specific content like Amazon listing and marketing, eBay account management, and Walmart marketing.

How to Build Brand Presence on Amazon

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