How to Build an Online Grocery Delivery App Like Amazon Fresh

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How to Build an Online Grocery Delivery App Like Amazon Fresh

The traditional way of grocery shopping seems to be going out of fashion rapidly, with grocery delivery apps providing huge relief for customers with busy schedules. It would not be incorrect to say that digitization has made online shopping easy for people worldwide. As a result, buying food and groceries from online shopping apps has become a basic necessity in today’s world.

The growing demand, increasing trust in online services, and easy access to the market for startups have created a perfect environment for those who want to make a grocery delivery app.

How to Build an Online Grocery Delivery App Like Amazon Fresh

This blog has covered some important takeaways for building a grocery delivery app like Amazon Fresh.

Statistics Of Online Grocery Business Growth

Several grocery delivery apps like Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and more have experienced rapid growth in app downloads with their sales and engagement. 

Here are a few statistics:

  • According to a report from Mercator Advisory Group, online grocery sales in the U.S. reached $106 billion in 2020 and are expected to make 22% of total grocery sales by 2025.
  • Online grocery shopping sales are predicted to reach 187.7 billion U.S. dollars by 2024, as per Statista’s report.

After looking at the abovementioned statistics, there is no doubt that online grocery shopping will continue to gain huge success in the future.

What is an Amazon Fresh Grocery Platform, And How Does It Work?

Amazon Fresh is an on-demand grocery delivery app that provides door-to-door grocery deliveries within customers’ designated time frame. The only requirement is that customers have an Amazon Prime membership which costs $14.99 a month or $139 annually. For free delivery, customers have to place an order above $35; in some locations, it can go up to $50.

Amazon Fresh offers customers a modern grocery shopping experience in which they search for products, add them to their carts, and purchase whatever they want. Once the order is placed, customers can choose between a one or two-hour delivery window during which the delivery partner will pick up those items and drop them off at their doorstep. The delivery could be the same day or the next depending on when the order is placed.

They have two types of delivery options – attended and unattended delivery.

  • Attended Delivery – When a customer chooses attended delivery, Amazon delivers all the placed orders in plastic bags when the customer is available to receive the order.
  • Unattended Delivery – In this delivery option, Amazon delivers all the orders in temperature-controlled bags so that the groceries remain fresh when no one is available to receive the order.

Amazon Fresh Business Model

Amazon Fresh is a very convenient option that allows customers to order and receive groceries whenever possible. It offers over 50,000 products in various categories like fresh fruits, vegetables, fresh seafood and meat, dairy products, beverages, and more.

Furthermore, their major goal is to offer many benefits like high-quality products and the availability of order history, which facilitates faster shopping as users can search and purchase items they frequently buy. Apart from this, the prices of all the products are affordable and often cheaper than buying from a regular supermarket.

Revenue Channels

1. Commission 

This revenue model is chargeable to the sellers on every sale they make on an online platform. It’s by far the most common eCommerce business concept. When the customer pays the sellers, the admin charges a pre-determined price for its services. This way, the admin can earn according to the sales passing on their portal.

2. Subscription

Also called a membership fee, the admin charges a fixed amount to access the products or services on their app. Customers who order regularly can take advantage of free shipping by signing up for a subscription. This model offers services for a fixed period (weekly, monthly, and annually). 

3. Delivery Fee

This model charges the buyer some amount on their purchase and delivery, which is then credited to the admin’s account whenever an order is fulfilled. This delivery commission is a pre-determined value and remains constant across all sectors.

4. Advertisements

This is a good source of generating revenue from an online grocery delivery app that allows sellers to run their customized ads via banners supported by schemes on the homepage. The admin can charge the sellers for the number of campaigns they want to run.

Must-Have Features In Your Amazon Fresh Like Grocery Home Delivery App

1. Easy Sign-Up

The sign-in and sign-up process is the first move the customer takes, so making it simpler would make it easier for the user to build an account on the app.

Also, adding a sign-up alternative to the app, like via Facebook, Google, or any other social media network, will help users sign up easily and quickly without creating a separate account.

2. Order Management

This feature allows vendors to manage multiple order requests at once easily. In addition, this feature gives them full details about total delivered orders, pending orders, canceled orders, order history, and much more.

3. Enhanced Search Feature

Online grocery apps have thousands of products which becomes challenging for users to search and find items. By providing enhanced search features, users can get a quick list of items, which helps them easily add products to the shopping list.

4. Delivery-Slot Details

This feature offers great convenience to the users. Through this feature, customers can check the availability of delivery slots which helps them book orders per their time preferences. 

5. Auto Order Completion

This feature helps in automatically marking an order as completed after a particular period. Once the order has been auto-completed, the buyer will not be able to send a return request.

6. Order Tracking

Once the order has been placed, this feature helps the users to keep track of their products. This allows them full visibility of their order progress, ensuring they receive their products on time. This includes tracking numbers, estimated delivery dates, and shipping status.

7. Multiple Payment Options

This feature makes the buying process as simple as possible for customers by including various online payment options in the shopping cart. The availability of multiple payment options like COD, card payments, e-wallets, and other payment methods on online grocery delivery apps give customers more reasons to shop.

Easy Ways to Develop an Online Grocery Delivery App

After learning about the features that will help attract customers and retain the current ones, we are confident that you are excited to launch your online grocery delivery app. Here are two ways to create an app like Amazon Fresh.

1. Custom eCommerce Development

Custom eCommerce development is about creating an online grocery delivery app from scratch while keeping your specific requirements in mind. You can combine any module with your customized eCommerce grocery app. Here are some benefits of using a custom eCommerce development.

    • Improves app support and maintenance
    • Complete access to design and coding
    • Easily scalable
    • Unlimited features

 2. Turnkey Solutions

Entrepreneurs can also take advantage of a turnkey solution that will help them design and launch online grocery delivery solutions faster, easier, and less expensive than developing from scratch. In addition, these solutions come with pre-integrated features and APIs, and the time required for setup is also less.

Here are some benefits of a turnkey solution:

    • Startup costs would be low
    • No need for programming 
    • You can typically launch a feature-packed app in less than a week
    • Comes up with helpful features which cover all the basic business needs

How Growcer can Help?

Growcer is a grocery eCommerce platform developed by FATbit Technologies. It has all the necessary features to help entrepreneurs launch their online grocery delivery app. It also offers iOS and Android mobile apps tailored to buyers and delivery staff. Furthermore, this grocery solution is fully customizable. It comes with a ready-to-launch web portal making it a one-stop platform for building an online grocery app at optimum prices.

Here are some benefits included – 

  • Lifetime license, one-time fee
  • Free Installation
  • Multiple support channels
  • Free technical support for a year
  • Offers inventory management
  • Multilingual
  • Offers wallet management


An online grocery delivery app for your grocery store is a great way to build up and strengthen your business, as we can see that the future of the online grocery industry is highly profitable. In addition, an average customer spends 90% of their time using mobile applications. That’s why investing in grocery delivery apps is the way forward for your online grocery business growth. So, if you are looking for on-demand grocery delivery mobile apps, get in touch with us.

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