How to build a streaming website with full access and control?

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Streaming services like Netflix are increasingly becoming the go-to platforms for viewers to watch their favorite movies and shows. So what’s the secret behind such immense popularity? Convenient access to a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and originals at affordable pricing plans. As the modern audience is getting addicted to streaming services, entrepreneurs go the extra mile to build unique features that can beat the existing streaming giants.

If you often ask yourself how to make your video streaming website, this blog is for you. So keep reading on to gain insights on building a streaming site with full access and control.

Decide on a niche

The initial step of building a streaming service is to decide on a suitable niche. Study your target audience and pick a place that suits them and your business the best. For example, you can choose entertainment, fitness, sports, games, etc.

Curate the content

To curate the content for your video streaming website, partner with media companies and networks to obtain the streaming and TV rights for movies. Along with acquiring the content license to stream movies and shows, you must invest in original content to reach your target audience faster. It is essential to deliver unique and best-quality originals that users cannot find anywhere else. Original content is one factor that accelerates the demand for streaming services.

Monetization technique

Primarily, video streaming services use three standard monetization techniques, which are as follows.

Subscription video on demand: Users access to content by paying a monthly or yearly fee.

Advertisement video on demand: Users can watch content for free, but the service displays advertisements.

Transaction video on demand: Users have to pay individually for each content. They can either rent or own the content, and the fee varies accordingly.

Some streaming services also follow a hybrid approach that is nothing but a combination of two or more monetization techniques mentioned above. When creating your streaming service, choose a monetization model that adapts to your business requirements and target audience. Different audiences have different preferences for subscriptions, ads, etc. Research the pricing of other streaming services in your niche and learn how they charge for their video content.

Critical features of streaming service

Popular video streaming services have gained momentum due to their exceptional features. If you plan to make a fully functional online video streaming website, consider the following features.

Multiple account access

Most video streaming services allow users to set up multiple accounts, adding 4-5 user profiles. Each user profile will have recently watched videos, favorites, ratings, reviews, and movie suggestions personalized according to the browsing history on the video streaming website.

Intuitive content search

Long lists of movies and series can be overwhelming for your users. Therefore, streaming platforms must allow users to search videos using filters like title, genres, popularity, etc., to find the best content that matches their interests.


Allow users to rate the movie or a show by giving ratings and reviews and thumbs up or down. Based on the reviews given by users, video streaming services will show similar content or less similar content.


The download feature is another essential feature a video streaming service must-have. It allows users to watch the videos offline whenever they can’t stream them online.

For example, Netflix allows its users to download up to 100 lists of movies and series to stream online whenever required. Users can also save their data by activating download only when their devices are connected with Wi-Fi.


Streaming websites allow users to auto-play to keep the movies and shows playing in a loop. However, disabling auto-play is another feature that prevents users from automatically playing the next episode when streaming a series.

Payment gateways

When building your streaming website, integrate secure payment gateways to allow users to buy movies and shows or pay for a subscription to your service. Choose payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, etc., that are internationally popular along with the gateway available in the countries you operate in.

Multi-language support

When building your streaming website, offer support for as many languages as you can. This allows you to popularize your streaming service in different parts of the world.

Admin panel

An admin panel of a video streaming application is just like another application inside your streaming website. Admin panel facilitates managing the entire content of your streaming platform like editing and deleting videos, moderating comments, control monetization, etc. Though a complex functionality, it is one of the essential features a video streaming website must-have.

User profile and settings

Allow your users to create profiles in your video streaming site to add multiple users, save favorite shows, view watch history. Settings of streaming websites generally include activation of play and pause of video, language, activating subtitles, and other elements that allow users to engage with the website.


Notification is another essential feature a video streaming website must have to inform users about new releases, recommendations, renewal of subscriptions, etc. In addition, notifications help to increase user engagement.

Choosing the proper method to build a streaming website

“How to make my video streaming website” and what development method to choose is one of the most common questions most entrepreneurs who want to enter into the streaming industry ask. Building a streaming website from scratch is not a great idea as it takes a lot of work. The best way is to use a white label solution to create a fully customized streaming platform according to your needs. White label solutions are a popular alternative to building a streaming site from scratch as it is the most convenient, cost-effective, and quickest way to launch your streaming service. This is the recommended way to create your streaming website with full access and control for just a one-time fee and 100% source code ownership.


The video streaming world is quite extensive, and it is getting bigger day by day. Though there are household names, there is still space for new disrupting video streaming services in the industry. This is incredibly great for video streaming businesses to establish their brand in the streaming market.

How to build a streaming website with full access and control?

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