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How to Build a Great eCommerce Team

Starting an eCommerce business is challenging, especially in today’s competitive landscape. There are numerous companies to compete against these days that are already established on the market. Each competitor has something different to offer to the customers and you must find a way to stand out from all of them. However, just because something is challenging or even difficult, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

Running a successful eCommerce business is not just about having a great idea and a solid strategy. In fact, it’s also about surrounding yourself with great people who will help you reach success. After all, no one can run an eCommerce business on their own. That’s why it’s important to hire the right people and build an effective team that will drive the business forward. That being said, here are a few tips on how to build a great eCommerce team.

Determine your needs

The first thing you should do is take the time to determine your business needs. Consider which job positions are essential for running your eCommerce business and define the roles. After that is done, you should look for the right employees for your job positions. Since an eCommerce business operates online, you can leverage remote work to find suitable talents worldwide who can help you run your company.

Finding the right people who are a cultural fit and have the right skill set is crucial. That way, you avoid costly turnovers and lack of employee productivity. What’s more, don’t rush with finding the talents. Instead, take your time and make sure you’ve checked everywhere. For example, you can check with a disability employment services to see what talents they have. After all, just because someone has a disability, it doesn’t mean they can’t be efficient at work or a great asset to your team, for that matter.

Website design and development

eCommerce businesses are highly dependent on their websites. Your website is also your eCommerce platform and it needs to be designed well and it needs to perform exceptionally. In order to achieve that, you’ll need to hire a skilled web designer and developer.

Your customer satisfaction is based on your website’s performance and design. If it’s not visually appealing and if your website is too slow, you’ll only lose customers. Therefore, find someone who can make your website easy to navigate, user-friendly, responsive, fast and well-organized with visuals and content. That way, you can provide an exceptional experience to your customers.


There’s no way for your eCommerce business to reach success if no one knows about it. That’s why marketing is essential for your business. You’ll need to hire someone who knows their way around the market and marketing strategies.

A skilled marketer can develop campaigns, promotions and personalized offers that will capture your customers’ attention and encourage them to buy from you. What’s more, a marketing professional can monitor your campaigns, track metrics to determine the success of your efforts and make improvements whenever they’re needed.

Customer service and support

Customers are the most crucial factor for your eCommerce business. Without customers, there are no sales and without sales, there are no profits. However, simply having customers isn’t enough to reach success. In fact, you must ensure your customers are happy, engaged and loyal. For that, you’ll need a team of employees who will provide an exceptional customer service and support.

When hiring people for this job, you have to ensure you hire the right employees. You need workers with excellent people skills. If your employees in customer service and support cannot handle customers at both their best and their worst, then you won’t be able to keep customers engaged or keep them at all, for that matter.

Website optimization

A well-designed and highly functional website needs to stand out so that your customers can easily find it and access it. For that, you’ll need search engine optimization (SEO) and an expert who is familiar with how SEO works. As mentioned before, running an eCommerce business in today’s competitive landscape is challenging.

SEO’s purpose is to boost the visibility and awareness for your eCommerce business by helping it rank high on search engines such as Google. Another benefit of using SEO is that you’ll be able to improve the authority of your website and exposure of your business on the market. Moreover, if used the right way, SEO can also provide you with a competitive advantage on the market.


eCommerce businesses handle numerous transactions each day. If you don’t manage your business finances and keep track of both incomes and expenses, you may easily end up in financial difficulties. That’s why it’s important to hire an accountant that will manage your finances for you. What’s more, an accountant is also a financial advisor, which means they can provide you with valuable advice regarding finances, investments and many other things.

In order for your eCommerce business to be efficient, you need a great team of people to help you out. No business owner can run a business on their own, which means you need efficient employees on your team. Make sure you find the right people for the job who have the expertise and the skills that will help your business thrive.

How to Build a Great eCommerce Team

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