How to Brand Yourself: Creating a Visual Identity
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How to Brand Yourself: Creating a Visual Identity

Top Branding Agency in Ahmedabad can help you with branding. But then how would you represent yourself as a brand. This would act as a great booster in your career irrespective of the career you are pursuing. Knowing your weaknesses and strengths, you would be able to represent yourself in front of the employer potentially.

Presenting yourself as bold will help you to gain more sight between the sea of other people. A great way to get noticed is to create a personal brand.

Branding, what is it?

When we say that it is a brand, what does it mean? It means that it has an identity of something, a company or a product. A brand is something that the customer uses to differentiate between different companies and products.

A brand strongly reflects the personality and the style of the company or owns self. But how is it related to you? A brand is the visual representation of your identity to your audience. Your audience feels it by using your products. Hence whatever a brand feels like visually is the visual identity of it but they may touch it, feel it, taste it and share it with your products. You have to make a brand design to show or represent your ideas through the products.

A Personal brand of your own

When someone says about personal brand-building it means that to rise above in a creative way. That creative way lies inside you that makes you a great designer. Your personal technical and creative skills would be tested by your approach to design.

A branding agency in Ahmedabad would tell you the proper approach to understand the thinking of the customer. You should know how you can achieve your goals through the visual presentation of your brand. You have to learn how to deliver the message to your audience by the design.

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You have to be very precise in conveying the message when you get your first opportunity to represent yourself as a brand. If you go off-topic representing yourself then your audience would think that you wouldn’t be able to handle their designs.

What are the specifications of a good brand?

  • Consistency, creativity, and clarity is the base of a good brand. These three C’s if handled perfectly make a brand popular.
  • Concise: How do you sum up the points that you want to express to explain your identity.
  • Creativity: Innovation is the best source of creativity. Is your design innovative? Is it pleasing and interesting?
  • Clarity: How easy it is to understand the facts that you are explaining and the medium of it.

The first challenge that comes in the way is to understand these points in favor of your business. The second challenge is to transform these points into an idea and explain it visually to a brand.

Brand Identity

A good piece of thinking is that what is it that you want to actually take to communicate with your audience. You can simply pen down your thoughts to create a diagram of the ideas.

Think that what could be your USP (Unique selling point)? You would need a blend of clear objectives and honesty to find the answer to this question. This is what makes you a great designer.

Now when you have all your thoughts down on the paper, you can sum it all up to get a simple one line that explains your services and you. If you are able, to sum up, all those 3 points in one line then it is great and you are good to go.

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How to Brand Yourself: Creating a Visual Identity

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