How to Become an eLearning Instructor

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With the fast development of the internet came new methods of information sharing. Knowledge became available at every corner, and education expanded from physical classrooms to online platforms. The term eLearning was born in 1998, and up until today, the industry has seen enormous growth. The global eLearning market is predicted to reach $325 billion by 2025. If you want to be a part of it, this is what you should do. 

What’s Your Expertise? 

You’ll agree that you must know a lot about the topic you want to teach. If you lack the knowledge, your students will see it. Eventually, they’ll spread the word about their negative experience, and your course sales will drop. 

This is why you must take a good look at what you excel at. What’s the one thing you’ve done in your life that brought positive results that you can tell people about? If you’re unsure about your qualities, talk with your friends and family. Ask them what they’d want you to teach them. 

Another important aspect of being an industry-expert is your own will to learn. When you grow, your students will grow with you and remain thankful for having you as a teacher. 

Explore the Market Opportunities

In addition to looking inwards, you must look outwards. Think about the people around you. What are they willing to learn? Consider exploring forums, as people ask questions on Quora, Reddit, and similar platforms. Check those out and see if you can provide answers within a niche. 

Take a look at other courses at Udemy, Teachable, Skillshare, or any other eLearning platform out there. Observe which ones sell the most and which industry has the most students. If that’s what you have to offer, then go for it. 

Select the Platform

You can join the well-established platforms and create your courses there, or you can create your own eLearning website. Both of these options have pros and cons.

Join an Already Established Platform 

Joining online learning platforms will give you instant exposure. There’s no need to do anything on your own – you can sign up and start teaching. eLearning platforms are simple to use, and your students are already there. The platform is responsible for the marketing and promotions of your course. 

The cons of joining the platforms are that you won’t customize your courses as you like. Also, there are so many eLearning platforms on the market that you might have difficulty deciding which one to choose. Another con is that sometimes, it will discount your courses without your consent. 

Create Your Own 

If you’re looking for better optimizing your course methods, you can create your mini eLearning platform. There are many WordPress learning management system plugins that you can use to create a free or paid course quickly. It can be integrated into your personal blog or eCommerce website, so students can access other things that you offer right then and there. 

On the other hand, creating your course from scratch means that you have to know WordPress and have enough time to build it. You’ll also be responsible for marketing and solving all possible lags and issues that students may experience. 

Invest in Equipment 

Creating a high-quality online course means you should pay attention to how your videos are edited. Granted, many instructors don’t bother with the equipment. But if you really want to go the extra mile, that’s fine as well. Take a look at some of the highest-selling courses on some of the platforms. There’s a mix of high-quality and average video and audio recordings. Remember that students will enjoy a great video, but they’re there to learn from you. 

Build a Presence and Grow a Community 

One aspect of selling your course is your expertise, and another is your social media presence. Besides the free and paid marketing opportunities, your social media account is where you’ll showcase your knowledge. 

Consider what your course is about and match the industry with the social media platform you’ll use the most. These are just some examples of platforms where you can grow your audience and get leads: 

  • Dancing course – YouTube, TikTok
  • Digital marketing course – Facebook, Twitter
  • Writing course – Twitter, Goodreads
  • Coding course – GitHub community, Reddit


Many industry experts have decided to hop on the train of eLearning. It’s one aspect of the online world that will surely grow in the future. People want to learn, and they want to do so from the comfort of their home. If you have a knack for teaching and know a subject very well, you can easily become an eLearning teacher. 

All the tools are available online, and you can start today. Joining some well-established eLearning platforms will help you with marketing your course, but you can also create your own platform. Also, don’t forget to build your online presence and show the world what you can teach. In no time, you can have a serious career as an instructor. 

How to Become an eLearning Instructor


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