How To Avoid Shopping On Amazon This Holiday Season

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With shops closed across the world due to the covid-19 pandemic, it is no surprise that online sales have soared this year. Amazon, in particular, has seen business boom during 2020 thanks to the easy shopping and delivery process, with sales reportedly hitting £8,800 a second – the same level of sales as Black Friday weekend.    But, whilst Amazon has everything you could need, there are millions of independent retailers and businesses struggling to keep afloat during these testing times. Recent reports have also shed light on the treatment of Amazon workers and tax avoidance schemes. With these reports making headlines, more and more people are looking to shop small and independent this festive season or buy straight from the retailers themselves.

With this in mind, if you are looking to avoid purchasing from Amazon over Christmas, here are some top tips to help you along the way. 


When it comes to buying electronic goods, it is fairly easy to cut out the middleman. Dell, Apple, and Samsung all over free delivery on their goods and often come with better deals, discounts, and guarantees. From coffee machines to the latest PS5, you’re sure to find another retailer who can offer you the goods without shopping through Amazon. If you have a local electronic store near you, it may be worth ringing them and seeing if they are doing deliveries or click and collect over the Black Friday weekend – this way, you’re supporting a local store and getting a good deal! 

Health, beauty, and personal care

Many health stores are still allowed to remain open as they are deemed essential, with some even offering same-day local delivery. If you regularly get your prescriptions or vitamins and supplements from a supermarket or health store, you will still be able to do this, but there may be a delay in delivery times. In this instance, it may be worth looking for a local supplement or health store to order from instead, meaning you don’t need to go without your vitamin d supplements or magnesium tablets, and you are supporting a local business, too.   For beauty items, many big beauty brands are offering Black Friday discounts and festive gift sets and bundles, which are often better priced than those you can find on Amazon. By shopping directly with the brand, you will likely also have the option to sign up to a mailing list where you can get further discounts in the future and may also receive some free samples in your order! You also have less reason to worry about receiving counterfeit products, as your order comes directly from the brand itself. 

Household items

If you’re looking to shop for eco-friendly home products, buying through independent retailers or the business itself is the best option. You are then also reducing the packaging waste and shipping duration. Many small businesses have begun selling eco-friendly products for the home, from cleaning supplies to toilet roll, which have been in high demand this year. Buying directly from the business means you are likely to get a better price and have the option of setting up a rolling contract, as well as doing your bit to save the planet. If you’re looking for groceries, home office supplies, or even Christmas decorations, then you will likely still be able to get these from your supermarket, with many offering more delivery slots than during the first wave of the pandemic. You can also use places such as Not On The Highstreet, Etsy, or Instagram Marketplace to find small independent businesses offering fun and personalized gifts if you want to start your Christmas shopping before the December rush!

How To Avoid Shopping On Amazon This Holiday Season

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