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We have all been through a tough year with COVID-19 developing its roots stronger; we all got even weaker. However, it is life, and it will go on, and therefore, the technological advancements health care sector has been taking place since then. Nonetheless, the sector was already rapid, but with the global pandemic intervention, things have fastened up three times more than normal. Nobody is waiting for the changes to be gradual; the world is expecting rapid improvements. We are all waiting for the change, or let’s put it this way; we are waiting for our lives to get back to normal.

COVID-19 has made us feel the importance of a normal life we always complained about. Months of being grounded at homes have made us all realize the significance of normal routine. However, whatever the circumstances may be, one thing that is evident and proven right is the phrase ‘health is wealth.’ It does not matter how much money we run after; it is not worth it if you are not healthy. However, for the betterment of the world, technology has been playing its fair share. The innovations and inventions play a major part in the development of medicines and the cure of diseases. With this, the world is hopeful for a better 2021. Hence, this is how technology impacts the healthcare industry in the coming year.

1.      The Rise of Telemedicine

You must wonder what the term ‘telemedicine’ means? The term Telemedicine describes a situation where the diagnoses and treatment of patients are made through telecommunication. Today, telemedicine’s usage and rise are at a high rate; this is mainly because the world has been devastated by the global pandemic’s impacts. The major benefit of telehealth is that there is usually no physical contact between the patient or the doctor. They can easily communicate and discuss diseases and their solutions over the internet.

More than fifty percent of people prefer telehealth over one-on-one interactions with doctors. Nonetheless, one of the major reasons for telehealth’s growth is the adoption and acceptance by the patients/people. They are most comfortable, and this attitude encourages doctors and researchers to do even better and work for improvement every day. The software used in the processes allows video calling, screen sharing, text messaging, and easy file sharing.

2.      Artificial Intelligence Fighting COVID-19

Artificial Intelligence has made human lives easy to live. It has played a major part in fighting against the global virus. AI has enabled everything from pandemic detection, vaccine development, thermal screening, facial recognition with masks, and CT scans a matter of a few hours to identify. In the early stage of the pandemic, a Toronto-based company named BlueDot has identified and detected the disease’s spread worldwide.

AI and machine learnings allow advancements, which might not have been possible only with humans. Talking about machine learning and not mentioning thermal screening would be unfair. With the innovation, where one person could be scanned at once for the temperature, the temperature of a group of people standing in a line is possible. This will save time along with reducing the risk of spreading the disease.

Nonetheless, another huge revolution is facial recognition with masks. With facial recognition technology, almost 95% of people’s faces can be identified even when they wear a mask. This means that the machine could identify you without any hurdles. One more major contribution of AI is the detection of pneumonia due to COVI-19 through CT scans.

3.      Innovation in the Nicotine Products

One of the major factors leading to weaker immune systems is high Nicotine products such as Cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, etc. People believe that using alternatives for cigarettes or opting for Versatile Form Of Tobacco will make them leave the habit and move on. However, it is not the case; the more you shift either to quit smoking or, let’s say, just for trying, the more you will be addicted to Nicotine.

Tobacco contains the highest and purest form of Nicotine. Smoking Shisha, Hookah, or a cigarette makes your mind feel happy and contended for the time being. However, as a result, you are being addicted to the chemicals. Now, your body will need a dose again to feel happy and normal. To fight all of these, the invention of E-cigarettes and nicotine gums came into existence. The cigarettes will soothe your need for the addiction but without causing any combustion or lightening of fire. E-cigarettes have been a safe rescue option for millions of people.

4.      The Safe Exchange of Patients Data Made Possible

We live in a digitally grounded world, where no date is secured. This is one of the patients’ major concerns that their personal data and disease history may be leaked or used against them. Most of the patients are insecure about using telehealth because of this uncertainty. However, there are smart ways through which the doctors can Exchange Patient Information without any fears of information being misused. Smart tools such as HIPAA Compliant Cloud Faxing, Encrypted Email Communications, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Password Protected Documents, and Patient portals make life easier.

5.      The Evolution of Report Printing

The scan and detection of diseases were quite tricky back in time. However, with the rapid technology today, the reports can be accessed of 3D models or prints where each part of the body is evidently clear and has no room for ambiguity or uncertainty left. Doctors can easily spot changes or diseases in body parts by looking at the 3D structures. In this, the arteries, the blood vessels, the limbs, etc., are clear like glass. These reports will also develop trust and credibility between the doctors and the patients.

6.      The Increasing Use of Blockchain for Development

Blockchain has been in the limelight for quite a long time now. However, its contribution to the healthcare industry is huge. With Blockchain being accessible to big companies and investors, transactions in the industry are possible in real-time. It is a secured and sound way of transferring encrypted money; this means that the business-to-business details will not be enclosed or accessed by anyone else.

The companies involved in it are in a peer-to-peer contract where they feel safe to share a common ledger. There will be no doubts about the integrity or transparency of the other party. What else does the world need besides Integrity, security, portability, and accessibility in this hard time of self-isolation and house arrests?

Concluding Words

The world is moving faster, and looking at the recent technology trends, one can presume that the healthcare sector’s future is in safe hands. Nonetheless, we will all see a better future in the year 2021 and the coming decade.

How Technology Impacts Healthcare

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