How Surveys Increase eCommerce Sales

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How Surveys Increase eCommerce Sales

If you want to scale your eCommerce sales, you need to find ways to eliminate most of the guesswork and obtain the most accurate information possible.  

Ask questions!‘ If a customer was about to act but didn’t, ask them why?  

What better way to accomplish this than with a survey? This article will let you explore various ways a survey can fire up your e-commerce sales:  

How Surveys Increase eCommerce Sales

Help Optimize Your Web Store Across Platforms 

The store’s user experience can sometimes determine whether or not a visitor to your store will end up buying. Therefore, it should be well-oiled to ensure smooth transitions from one page to the other.  

These are some of the questions you need to ask and their significance, and what you can work on to improve this key metric: 

    • How easy is it to move from one page to another?  
    • How fast are the pages loading?  
    • What’s your site’s overall response time (well, the time it takes to load when a client clicks a specific item)?  

For people who might be looking for things in the same category, have you arranged your store so that it can suggest similar items to your customer? Shopping shouldn’t take too much of your customer’s time. The time it takes a customer to move from the first to the last stage of their journey in your store should be as short as possible, or you lose thousands, if not millions, of dollars.  

How do you identify and resolve performance issues with your website? ‘Surveys!‘ Find a good survey sites and create a survey tailored to users who will access your site through mobile to ensure that any issues that may arise in the mobile version of your app are addressed. Next, create another one for those using the desktop version, then compare the results and resolve any issues. This simple exercise can help you retain many customers, thereby boosting your sales.  

Help Reduce Cart Abandonment 

People put this in their carts and then forget about it all the time. They also realize several things before making their purchase that they later regret. If you run an eCommerce business and want to grow your sales, you should figure out why your customers abandoned their carts and take any necessary follow-up action.  

The best way to do this is to set up a trigger anytime a customer is about to leave your site before completing a purchase. People usually abandon their carts because, among other reasons, the shipping fees are too exorbitant, the payment method of their choice isn’t available, they found a cheaper option, and the user experience is a pain. 

To make your survey form more effective, include a section for ‘other‘ so that they can describe exactly why they left if it isn’t a reason you would have anticipated. The reasons given on this sheet can help you optimize your site and store for better conversions!   

Help Niche Down And Improve Competitiveness  

Almost every successful eCommerce business has discovered this; it gets better as you narrow your focus. To stay broad and attempt to cover everyone has a slight advantage. Instead, you’re better off narrowing down your focus, so you can serve and speak to a specific market segment with utmost precision and success.  

A survey can help you in this process by allowing you to compare your brand to your competitors and finding out what your customers think is your edge and what your customers seem to be doing better than you. It allows you to amplify what you’re doing well because a section of the market is attracted to it, and you improve that specific thing; chances are your customer acquisition rate will also increase. A survey will also show areas where you can still learn from your competitors if you don’t want to drown in the deep waters of online business!  

Remember to supplement and follow up on any closed-ended answers in your surveys so that you not only get a string of yeses and noes but also understand why something specific is happening. You could even ask your customers to suggest a solution to make the process easier. Because if you intend to use the information gathered through surveys to improve your procedures and the personalized essence of your story experience, it needs to be as accurate and detailed as possible.  


When running an eCommerce store, the best place to be if you want to scale is where you’re willing to ask yourself and your customers the hard questions. Digging deep is always a good thing, and it’s often where the gold is.  

With so many people trying to sell something on the internet, it will make a big difference if you invest the time to get feedback from your target market and then implement it to your sales advantage!