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How Speed Affects eCommerce Websites

Long load times are the bane of many a website. Research shows that the average desktop website loads in 9.3 seconds. The recommended load time, however, is 3 seconds. So, most websites are slower than they should be.

If you run an online store, speed is especially important. Poor website performance directly damages your profits.

But how exactly does speed affect stores? The infographic by the Hosting Tribunal points out to several ways. Let’s consider how speed affects websites in general, and then we’ll discuss e-commerce websites.

We can start with speed’s impact on SEO. Research proved speed affects search rankings – slower websites tend to get a lower position in search results.

Slow websites also put off visitors. 54% will leave a web page that takes over 3 seconds to load. Moreover, visitors will look at fewer pages if a website is slow.

Needless to say, load times influence website traffic. In fact, each added second reduces page views by 11%. And it’s even worse when you consider how this affects stores.

Some websites can get away with not using images. eCommerce websites can’t. The average customer expects to see at least 3 pictures before buying a product.

This matters because images are large files and often load after the rest of the page. This is a problem as 39% of users leave if the images take a long time to load. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the page loads quickly.

Possibly even more important is customer satisfaction. 1 second of delay can decrease it by 16%. 64% of dissatisfied customers won’t come back to a store, while 43% will try to make their purchase at the competitor’s website. Long load times also increase abandonment rates by 18%. All in all, you can expect 7% fewer conversions per second of added delay.

To sum up, slow speeds result in reduced traffic and fewer purchases. Now, this shouldn’t scare you. You can still enjoy the benefits of fast load times if you improve your website’s speed. To find out more about those, check out the infographic below.

How Speed Affects eCommerce Websites

How Speed Affects eCommerce Websites

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